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Glenrock Maps

The following map is a GTA generated trail map that cn be downloaded and printed out to take on the trails with you.

We feel the loop is best ridden in a clockwise direction and the following trails, due to trail design and construction, are best ridden in the nominated direction. Please respect these directional tips as it will help the trail conditions in the long term.

Up-Hill or Climbing Trail
- Snakes and Ladders
- Shit Happens

Descending Trail
- BJ's

The following map can be downloaded from here and taken out on the trails.

Glenrock Trail Map

Interactive maps are also available here

You can also view the official NPWS trail head signage by following this link

Other Local Riding Areas

As a part of the new GTA set up we thought it would be important to document and make accessible maps of our local riding areas.

On the right you will find some of our favourite riding areas. Please respect them and try to leave them in as good or better condition as you found them.

Clicking on an area will take you to a list of trails in that area where you can find more exact details.
Remember that Mountain biking takes place in a natural environment so trail conditions can vary day to day. You can use the details here as guide but that doesn't substitute first hand knowledge and common sense

If you have a favorite not listed feel free to add it in by signing in, clicking the create/track on the left and following the prompts. I you have a gps that record the route you can add the KLM file too.

Please keep to legal trails and do not list those on which unauthorised use is banned.

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