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Seismick and Cliff Jumps - This is getting very real!

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By Empy - Posted on 01 May 2021

There’s been no official announcement just yet, NPWS have been caught up with other publicity about Dudley Beach Rd and carpark, which is really big news as well
- Seems like everything is happening at once.
We look like getting an announcement on MTB trails next week but it’s as close to definite as it’s ever been.
NPWS are saying that quotes have come within budget to allow work to proceed and are in the process of finalising the contract with trail builders.
Local NPWS staff are adamant that this will happen!
I’ve been very apprehensive about posting or getting too excited so far – we’ve been burned before, but things are looking really good this time.

So no official announcement yet but here’s what I can tell you -

The project is to be funded through the Government Economic Stimulus Package.
So this is set to be done before end of the financial year – That means straight away – Now!
At this stage the work can only involve repair of existing trails, not creation of new ones.
The Cliff Jumps area is slightly different because of safety concerns. In a real win for us the decision has been made to move the jump line further away from the cliff edge, this will allow for a longer and better set of jumps to be built
– Yes! New and better jumps!
Seismick is to be repaired, removal of all the surface rubble from the berms, re-shape and resurface the berms with a clay/gravel blend plus add pump rollers and features as needed to improve flow.
– Yes! Better berms!
Entry to Seismick from the Gun Club Rd. will also be rebuilt to enhance drainage and flow onto the main trail.
The connection from the end of Seismick to Cliff Jumps will be completed properly to provide better flow and less steep climbing. I imagine this will mean rebuilding of the roll-in mound for the Cliff Jumps to suit the new alignment as well.
Exit from Cliff Jumps towards the Pump Action bowl is meant to be repaired as well.

This should make for one really sweet section of trail all the way through
– it’s a whole lot of work and the biggest thing that’s ever happened for us – Get Excited!

I will post up more details as soon as word comes in.

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