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Storm Damage Repairs + Rebuilding Cliff jumps and Seismick

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By Empy - Posted on 28 April 2021

We have what appears to be some better news for Glenrock this week with some things really starting to happen.
First the NPWS are committed to repair some of the storm damaged trails themselves as most of the work is too much to be done effectively by volunteers with hand-tools. A lot will be covered by insurance anyway.
Baileys Fire Trail is set to be fixed by contractors, being a management trail.
Twisties, Re-load and Kenny’s will be patched up for now to bring them back to within grade of difficulty so they can remain open and be used for upcoming events. All these trails are scheduled for major rebuilding or re-routing so they’re not planning proper fixes at this stage.
Depending how things go we may run a volunteers day to do the finishing and tidy-up work.
Also in REALLY BIG news - NPWS are, at last, looking to address the safety issues around the Cliff Jumps area after last year’s accident.
This work was originally going to be done by NPWS field staff but has been put back several times for various reasons. Fortunately some Gov stimulus package money has come our way meaning NPWS can contract it out.
They have asked for tenders to realign the jumps features and provide a better return trail option for people sessioning the jumps – this should allow for the jump line to be extended and some other features added.
AS A BONUS - Given the proximity and connectivity of the whole area from Seismick through to the pump track bowl NPWS are hoping to have the whole lot upgraded together – depending on how much it will all cost. Fingers crossed!
We should have more news on this soon so please watch this space.
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