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Glenrock Closed!

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By Empy - Posted on 10 November 2019

Message from the NPWS.

They are taking this very seriously, I've never seen a closure like this before -

All NPWS reserves north of Sydney, including Glenrock SCA, will be closed Monday and Tuesday due to predicted catastrophic fire conditions.
Situation will be reassessed Wednesday morning.
This allows NPWS to focus on supporting the response to the precedented fire situation and assist in managing public safety.

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NPWS Website still showing closed, Glenrock is on the list - I've been told they will be reviewing this later today.
"For 13 November 2019:

Most national parks in NSW will remain closed on 13 November. This means no public access at all and includes tracks, trails, campgrounds and picnic areas. View a full list of park closures and alerts, including any exceptions.

The statewide total fire ban is now in force and has been extended until midnight Wednesday 13 November. That means no fires out in the open anywhere in NSW.

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