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Hickson St Track & Hang Gliding Pad

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By Empy - Posted on 20 October 2019

Notice from the NPWS - Hickson St walking trail and the Hangliding Pad closed for work. We're not meant to ride there but just for information.

"Good morning

I would like to advise the Glenrock Trail Alliance (GTA) that the upgrade of the Hickson St Walking Track from below the gliding launch pad to Burwood Beach will commence the week of the 21st October.

A raised fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) walkway/stairs/ramps will be constructed.

NPWS has undertaken an extensive planning and approval process to undertake the walking track upgrade. The design and construction method was selected based on the following:

· Recommendation from a specialist walking track company acknowledging the complex nature of the site, including severe erosion and restricted access.

· The need to use the existing track alignment to limit additional disturbance.

· Minimising impact on the Aboriginal heritage values by limiting ground disturbance.

· Minimising impact on the historic heritage by limiting ground disturbance.

· Minimising impact on the threatened ecological community (Themeda grassland) - track braiding is a key threatening process

The walking track will be closed during the upgrade works (approx.. 8 – 10 weeks). This activity will not impact access to the gliding pad.

However due to the restricted access to the walking track, the materials will be lifted to the site via a helicopter slinging operation. This is proposed to be on the 22nd October. The gliding pad will be closed on that day for obvious safety reasons.

Improvements to signage and visitor information (including pilot safety information) will also be occurring.

Can you please advise your club members of the upcoming works and the planned closure of the walking track.

Should you require additional information please call Newcastle office - 02 4946 4100.

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