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Seismick Tree Planting

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By Empy - Posted on 23 May 2019

The area around Seismick has been attracting much interest recently with the clearing and hopes that the MTB trail might be expanded, well that’s not just yet. What is happening is stage two of the regeneration of the area by planting native trees. Once established the natives will naturally reclaim the area, shade out the weeds and provide a much needed canopy and shade for the trail.
The NPWS have organised a corporate sponsored ‘Tree Planting Challenge’ to be held on Wednesday the 5th of June. This will be followed by a Community planting day on Saturday the 8th of June. All GTA volunteers, friends and family are invited along - this is a great activity for kids to be part of.
I’ll get more details up of what’s planned closer to the day.

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This Coming Saturday.

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