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Seismick Rebuild

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By Empy - Posted on 30 July 2018

The NPWS in cooperation with the GTA are going ahead with the rebuilding of Seismick trail and the surrounding area.
This project presents a great opportunity to clear the heavy overgrowth of weeds and exotic species, to regenerate the native bushland and rehabilitate this heavily degraded area.
Not to mention that this has the potential to be a really great trail.
The design won’t change much just re-shape the turns, install some pump-rollers and of course – Bigger Berms!
The plan is to use material from a stockpile located at the western end of the trail area this will be supplemented with quarry gravel and local clay.
Being an existing trail on pre-disturbed land does allow this to proceed under the current Plan of Management.

I met with the ranger last week to look at coordinating the weed work with the trail building. This is a fairly big project and will take some time to clear the weeds and move materials on-site.
The first stage will be spraying weeds and clearing vegetation so the trail will be closed temporarily during this week.
The trail will be closed again during the next month once work on moving materials and rebuilding begins.
I’ll post updates as that progresses.

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