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newbie to glenrock

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By chad1987 - Posted on 11 June 2018

hey guys,
so im new to GTA. iv spent most of my life riding all sorts of bikes, and im looking at spending a couple of grand on a DH bike. Or maybe a good all mountain slopestyle bike.
what im wanting to know is there a good following for DH and enough decent tracks for it to be worth my while getting DH bike/
Im riding 20' BMX dirt jumps at the moment but I wanna get back into hauling arse DH.
What are the newer(2012 on) All Moutain Bikes like on the DH tracks?
thanks chad schneider

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There's not much in the way of DH in Glenrock. Check out HMBA based at Awaba for racing, there are a few basic trails around but not much full-on DH.
If you plan to mostly ride Glenrock a long travel trail bike is enough.


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There are a couple of unsanctioned trails that may suit an Enduro bike but an AM bike is well and truly more than enough for the rest of the Glenrock. There seems to be quite a few plans for the place so that may change at some point.

Awaba is a proper DH track and I am not a good enough rider to enjoy riding there, Ourimbah DH is about the same length at 1.8km but has half the fall and is loads easier. Ourimbah is probably the easiest DH track around and an Enduro bike is as big as you'd want to go there.

Bikes have undergone some pretty significant advancements since 2012, if you can afford it I'd be after something from 2015 and onward, most companies have made pretty decent bikes since then.

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