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Behind Bars Biking

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By Empy - Posted on 27 November 2017

Hey, I’ve been contacted by Yann from Behind Bars Biking.
He is a local rider who also hosts bike tours to Japan.
He would like to support Glenrock and the Trail Alliance by offering a discount on his tours for Glenrock riders and donating to our cause.
Read below if you’re interested;

What is biking in Japan? It is the perfect escape from monotony.

It is a place where you can expect the unexpected with a landscape and culture that redefines unique. All you have to do is pack a sense of humour and let @Behindbarsbiking (See on FB} take care of the rest for 7 days of riding singletracks and eating sushi.

When you reflect on your life do you remember the expensive things you've managed to buy or do you recall the crazy, unique things you've experienced that challenged and defined you?

Follow the link to learn how you can jump into the unexpected get a discount and support Glenrock MTB Park at the same time!

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