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What's Happening With Glenrock MTB Park?

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By Empy - Posted on 29 August 2017

A bit of history;

Last year the NPWS commissioned World Trail to do a draft plan for upgrades and improvements to the trail network.
This plan needs to be something really unique, it needs to be what people are calling, a "MTB Park within a National Park" (Glenrock SCA)

For this to happen it must meet the requirements of conservation, environmental issues and sustainability as well as the constraints of the Glenrock Plan of Management.
The plan has now been held up because the original didn't meet those requirements and needed to redrafted internally. A slow process.

Recently the GTA was approached by a group of interested local riders who wanted to know what was happening with the plan and what was the main problem. My answer to that was "mostly money". Their next question was "Why can't we raise the money ourselves?" I didn't have a good answer to that so the last week has been spent in meetings with the NPWS and gathering support from other interested parties.
The guys themselves have formed a bit of a collective of interested people and I've thrown my support behind the project.
So far they've created FB and Instagram pages under the 'Glenrock MTB Park' banner to help stir interest - as previously linked to.
This arv we've released a kind of 'Mission Statement' in answer to the many enquiries. So go check it out and get involved!
Cheers, Mick Plummer.

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If it got funding would the work be done by World Trail or another private firm?
If so they would still have to work in the same corridor that the GTA does wouldn't they?

I popped in for my first ride in Glenrock in a couple of months and was bored before I finished half a loop so I walked out and went for a road ride. I know I am an opinionated jerk but I just can't stand the shape of the berms used in Glenrock and how far they seem to be from the line I'd actually want to ride. The GTA seems to leave the end off berms in favour for getting drainage to work with the least amount of effort. If the berms were built like any other bike trails out there they'd be safer and more enjoyable, in my opinion anyway.
I copped criticism from a couple of grumpy riders after the last big build day of Twisties, I told them that the GTA did the work and not me, one said that the trail was slower to ride after the rebuild so I had a look and yeah, if you put loose gravel on berms and remove the ends a trail will ride slower, hahaha! The GTA did sort the drainage at the top of the trail though.

From the people I ride with, two enjoy the GTA built trails, no we are not the fastest riders in the world but friends that do ride there mostly do so because it is convenient and the views are nice.

No doubt people are thinking that I should offer an extra body on a build day instead of just whinging from the computer but there's no point in having someone like me beating their chest if everyone else is on the same wavelength and likes the end product.

Luckily for me I seem to be spoilt for choice in regards to XC trails close to home, as more people seem to tire of Glenrock more trails are being cut or rebuilt elsewhere and some of them are freaking fantastic so to whoever is doing it I salute you.

Apologies on whining on a public forum and feel free to put me in my place.

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Has been awhile.

As you said most GTA work has to favour sustainability and we don't have the resources to constantly rebuild stuff.

Yes if we got the funding new work would be done by WT or another professional firm.

We are still working on changes to the trail corridors, as you know a lot are poorly conceived in the first place, and some new connecting trails to make the loops work better.

This part has been held up in NPWS by their process to have it included in the Plan of Management for the park - They are still saying it will happen.

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