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Dr Seuss Build Day Site Map

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By Empy - Posted on 26 August 2017

Dr Seuss Build Day Plan

A – Is the area closest to High Roller. From the powerline easement in, this section only really needs some drainage work, remove some ruts and cupping and bit of a tidy up.

B – This area has a lot of drainage and ground water problems, mostly stemming from the Scenic Drv road drains. Planning to do a minor re-route and consolidate some of the ‘wet weather alternate’ lines.

C – This is the ‘Threatened species’ area, we aren’t allowed to make any changes here or to do any major excavation.

D – This area is the exit onto the Scenic Drv.-Treatment Works Rd. corner. Alternate lines have caused the trail to become braided and migrate this has lost the flow. Some reroute would restore the flow and create a better riding experience

Overall the ad-hoc way the trail has developed has killed the flow, especially the lower trail leg is nearly a straight line. I would like to focus on the upper leg – as it has the most potential long term, and build some better features into that. Then look at the whole trail and combining it all together.

Hope to see you there. Cheers, Mick.

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