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Dr Seuss Trail Rebuild - Threatened Species Issues

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By Empy - Posted on 02 June 2017

Hi All,
Something I want to let everyone know about is that the NPWS are employing me to do some repair work on Dr Seuss trail.

As some of you are probably aware this trail is home to a threatened species of plant - Diuris Praecox. This has been a problem area for a very long time and the NPWS have not really known what to do. Now they have received a grant under the 'Save Our Species' program and want to do have the trail all repaired by hand, well the sensitive part anyway. There is no-one who specialises in this sort of thing - not on a MTB trail, so they've asked me to do it.

Previously when I've worked for the NPWS it's been straight-up MTB trail building and I've worked with World Trail. With this being a lot different it's not what World Trail do so the NPWS are asking me to contract directly to them myself - something I haven't done before.
Anyway I don't want to create any 'conflict of interest' with the GTA so I want to keep this all completely transparent.
I am planning to keep the threatened species zone work separated and do all the handwork myself but combine this project with a re-build of the rest of the trail by myself and GTA volunteers in the near future.

I’m hoping if this goes well there will be benefits for Glenrock, the trails and MTB in general.

I will be starting work in the area on Tuesday with the NPWS guys on the machine and doing excavating and drainage work in the adjacent areas - this is to recover sediment material for use as fill in the trail repair but we are also using this opportunity to repair the drainage and put some foundation work in place for the rebuild of the rest of the trail.

The repair work on the sensitive section of the trail mostly involves creating grade reversals and drainage to get the water off the trail and filling and hardening of the severely 'cupped' and eroded areas/sections with the reclaimed sediment and gravel mix.

This work will continue for all of next week and probably a bit longer so please keep an eye out for localised trail closures or work-man signs.

Depending on how this all goes I am hoping that this work will flow straight on to the work on the rest of the trail which will probably involve some realignment of the trail to the west, consolidation of the main trail and general drainage works.

I will advertise a trailwork day for this as soon as it is organised.

Mick Plummer

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Was a terrible week for trail work. The NPWS guys only had the excavator on-site for about an hour then materials have been delayed as well.
The ground got so wet it was causing more damage than good just working there.
So in the end not mach has been done and we will be waiting for dryer weather before we can get back at it.

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