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Titanium 135x10 bolt thru skewer???

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By pancakes - Posted on 08 May 2017

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Does anyone know if there's a titanium 10mm bolt thru skewer available?

Building up a set of wheels for the carbon hardtail and want to beef up the rear over the standard QR.

I'll probably go with a 10mm bolt on but am wondering if there's a Ti option for these because, the kids say...because titanium. Laughing out loud

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Why would you? Titanium is expensive and is usually heavier than aluminium alloys and they work fine as a through bolt.

I have a Hadley which has a fine 1.25 thread pitch, the head is quite small and sits in a machined recessed cup so it offers less resistance when tightening and it's easy to keep lubed. Some others have 1.5 thread pitch and/or heads that tighten directly on to the frame so they require more torque to get the same clamping force(20Nm for hadley 10mm).

Just checked my Ti axle kit, it only has two short Ti bolts in each end and one or two Ti caps on the axle.

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Thanks fairy, but I'm querying whether a 10mm Ti skewer is available, not a Ti bolt on axle.

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Ahhh sorry, I'm useless with comprehension.

So, like the top and bottom ones here but in Ti?

They may well exist but I have never seen them, I had a steel one with a Dice hub 10+ years ago, makes a solid difference over a conventional skewer but still can't clamp as tightly as a proper bolt because of the over centre action.

I like these-

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