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Port to Port Entry Auction

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By Empy - Posted on 24 March 2017

Port to Port is coming back to Glenrock this year. The event starts on Thursday the 25th of May and the Glenrock leg is on day 4, Sunday the 28th of May.

See details here -

This year the organisers have offered the GTA one complimentary entry.
It’s worth $440 and includes the whole four days

The committee and I thought the best way to share this is to offer the entry to the highest bidder and then donate the proceeds directly to the NPWS who would then spend the money on tools and supplies for our trail building project.

It’s win-win, someone gets a cheap ticket and we get a donation for trailwork!

The GTA is not an incorporated group, so we can’t just keep the money ourselves.

We think the fairest and simplest way is a kind of auction where bids are sent to me as a PM. I will then update this post with the highest bid.

I don’t really want this to go on for too long because people need to get organised for the race.

It’s 9 weeks away so lets say a week for the auction.

Unless otherwise advised bidding will close at 1800 on the 31.3.17
I’ll use the clock in my messages as the guide.
I know it doesn't show Daylight Saving time but we will use real NSW time including DST and I'll make allowance for that (ie. add 1 hour to the website clock)

If anyone has any comments or suggestions on this please post.
Otherwise send me your bid!


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We have a bid of $100 to get things started already, thanks.

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New highest bid is $150.


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Open till 6pm - 1800 this arv.

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Just threw in a bid!

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Is the new highest bid - Thanks.

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That was a last minute bid at 17.57 - so I did my best to post it straight up.

The winner was (user name)'Pumped'.

Congrats Andrew - I'll contact you soon to organise your entry.

There's a lot of pressure on - you know you're representing the GTA now!

Thanks everybody and I'll make sure the funds go to a worthy cause.


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Thanks Mick!
I'll do what I can!

I await your advice on how to send through payment


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Andrew is all signed up and ready to represent the GTA!

And the good news for us is we have $250 to donate to the NPWS which they in turn will spend on the Glenrock trails and/or the GTA in some way, not sure what yet - but open to suggestions.

I will keep everyone posted as to how that goes.

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