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BJ's Black Diamond

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By Empy - Posted on 14 March 2017

BJ’s trail is now officially a Black Diamond difficulty rating

This trail has never met the criteria for Blue Square difficulty. It was basically an oversight when the trail signs went in and has been awaiting new signage for some time.

The wayside trailmarker at the fork from High Roller has been changed to reflect this.
The NPWS have mentioned the idea of putting some temporary explanation sign adjacent to the new Black Diamond, but nothing there ATM.
For now the trailhead and interp signs will remain unchanged. There are plans for major overhaul of those signs in the future so not much can be done to address such a minor change.

Previously there have been some complaints about the condition of the trail and at the same time we have many people also calling for more difficult options. This trail is meant to be ‘More Difficult’ and is one of the very few trails of this standard in the park.

The trail itself will remain unchanged for now but there are plans for a rebuild which, at this stage, will still retain the Black Diamond difficulty.

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