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Free Entry for Active GTA Members

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By Empy - Posted on 27 February 2017

First for the Shimano MTB GP at Glenrock March 11, the organisers are offering up to 6 free entries for active GTA members under 'Builders Don't Pay'.

I can't make that myself but if anyone wants it or has a team let me know.

Also looks like Port to Port organisers will be making a similar offer.
That's on May 25th so I'll get some more details up before then but keep it in mind.

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Is there a build/maintenance day coming up at GR?

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I've been waiting for confirmation that we will go ahead with the rebuild of De-Luge.
It has been endless complications and set-backs that have caused me to keep pushing it back since last year.

The NPWS will be doing the machine work and moving materials plus we have issues with threatened plant species in that area - So it's not just a matter of going in and doing it.

Anyway at this stage still hoping for the end of March, maybe begining of April.

Will have more on this next week after meeting with Parks and will post up the build day as soon as it's confirmed.

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I'm happy for chat about this to goto a new thread, but I have to say that this has surprised me a bit.

TBH I've been a bit tuned out of all things GTA since the last World Trail meet (I can't even remember when it was, but it would be at least a year). That meeting gave a sense of some good things to come, but since then it's been pretty quiet save for a bit of fairy work, most of which I've liked, but has still been disappointing for the most part.

This proposed work however has me confused. I think as is DeLuge is one of the best tracks. Its only real fault is how short it is, but it's cracking fun and seems to hold up well in bad weather. I'm sure there's other considerations but I'd rather see other trails sorted (BJs comes to mind) or, given the discussions with WT, something new.

At least for this regular, I'd hate to see a favourite trail changed for the worse when works could have been committed to making the other trails better, or new.

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In a new thread about the proposed work and the reasons behind it.

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