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NSW Govt drops mandatory ID requirement for cyclists

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By hawkeye - Posted on 02 December 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Overnight it has been announced that the NSW government has abandoned plans to introduce a requirement for cyclists to carry ID when using their bikes in public areas. This would have also impacted mountain bikers on public trails.

Of course success has many fathers and both Cycle and BNSW are busy taking credit. It appears Cycle got the ball rolling with a petition of over 10k signatures, with BNSW closing the deal. Bicycle Network was in there making noise.

Interesting that Cycle is happy to share credit while BNSW CEO Craig Maher makes no mention.

The bottom line is that ID is recommended not legislated. You can still ride your bike to the beach for a swim or surf without having to worry about some scumbag stealing your license or identity.

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Common sense prevails. For once.

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Result... Now we just need to get rid of that stupid, useless, bike bell law.

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Just shows what a bunch of knobs we really are, I'm sure a few people with actual jobs have had to waste a bunch of their time dealing with such a trivial matter.

A copy of a licence wedged in a seat tube isn't really that big a deal to carry around and it may even help you get a bike back because I'd doubt a meth head is going to check in there for your details.

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“if they need photo ID to fine you, how are they going to fine you if you don't have photo ID?
Alternatively, if they can fine you for not having photo ID, then photo ID is not necessary & this is all a load of bollocks.”

Sums it up pretty well.

With all his backflips, Mike Baird would make a good acrobat but these aren't the qualities one wants to see in a politician...

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Duncan Gay is an out of touch embarrassment, happy to front the cameras to get a headline before doing any feasibility on his legislation.

A Minister for Roads who has aggressively gone after cyclists and reduced riding numbers in Sydney meaning more road congestion.

For that alone he should resign or pass his cycling portfolio to the better suited Minister for Transport.

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... is a motor racing enthusiast and car fetishist.

This has driven his dysfunctional decision making (pun intended).

Absolutely the roads ministry should be folded in under the transport ministry so the best overall strategic decisions can be made without this siloed empire-building mentality creating these perverse results.

Building more roads does not solve traffic congestion, it just creates more traffic due to the induced demand effect, and this has been known for decades. The only sustainable traffic management strategy is to manage demand by building better alternatives to private motor car use.

And guess what, you get more liveable communities as well.

If Germany and Italy can do it with their thriving car culture there's little excuse for us.

Note to Mike Baird: #sackduncangay

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Let's add the opportunity for identity theft to the bicycle theft?

At least now folks in Manly can take the bike to get to the beach without having to worry about their ID getting stolen when they go for a swim. Smiling

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Meh, almost everyone is on Facebook or has a Gmail or Yahoo account, if you don't you probably have a custom helmet with a layer of tinfoil inside it.

Sorry, I'm just a jaded old prick that finds a solid chunk of riders to be self righteous wankers that always think they have the right to do as they please.

I few weeks ago I was mildly close to being hit by a car running a red light at a pedestrian crossing. Am I angry? No, I usually check if there is any traffic and ride through the red pedestrian light(never at traffic lights)and I would assume the driver was doing the same.

I can't call him out for being an idiot if I do exactly the same thing, sure I could jump on a forum and have a whinge but hey, I understand what a double standard is.

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FB and GMail aren't acceptable towards your 100 points for ID for things like taking out loans or accessing bank accounts and superannuation, unlike your D/L.

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Well, Commonwealth Bank or Wallet Wizard may accept a photocopy of your driver's licence for a home or short term loan but I doubt anyone reputable would.

If someone hacks an email account it's not exactly difficult to request new passwords for some bank/super/centrelink accounts linked to that email.

I had my email and FB accounts hacked and had a Western Union account set up in my name within a few hours, hahaha! I was getting African friend suggestions on FB for quite a while after.

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... the point is, why make it easier by giving away 80 of your 100 ID points?

Why give away most of your phone banking ID - full name, DOB, residential address, driver's license number?

Why risk putting yourself though the pain of having all your finances frozen while the institution of your choice (as they're all the same in this regard) sorts out your fraudulent transaction complaint?

It just doesn't seem like a real smart approach to managing the risks to me. Lots of downside exposure for a very tiny upside.

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You are only giving it away if it is stolen, same as your wallet or phone.

I still can't see why it is an issue, maybe if you are a nudist that rides to the beach on a fat bike it may be an problem. For everyone else there is an expired licence and a pocket on your boardies. I guess Tony Abbot may stuggle too because he is pretty fond of the budgie smugglers.

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