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Glenfield to Wedderburn trail proposal

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By crank - Posted on 20 November 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Thought I'd put this here.

There is a petition opposing this proposal, so there is also the one below supporting it.

Get it out to as many friends as possible!

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No interest?

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Please show your support for further trail development in the Sydney area.
If you have not already done so please ensure you follow the link above and sign the petition. The numbers of like-minded riders showing their support are growing, however, the greater the number the better it will demonstrate the mountain biking community's support for trails.

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Opponents of this proposal have been regularly changing the display picture used on their petition to show mtbers wearing full face helmets and protective equipment in an effort to confuse people into thinking that mountain bikes and motorbikes are the same thing.

They have been misleading their target audience with slanderous descriptions of the damage they say mountain biking will do to the 'pristine bushland'. Unfortunately, the bushland is far from pristine due to burnt out cars, broken glass and general rubbish being dumped along significant stretches of the bushland that may make up the proposed route because an appropriate group has been unable to take responsibility for the care of the area. The potential damage they are promoting in their petition and ongoing social media posts is born of a narrow, closed minded approach to the proposal - sometimes described as 'Not In My Backyard', or Nimbyism. This is reflected in the comments the opposing petition has received. In contrast, we have received positive, realistic and balanced comments regarding the Glenfield to Wedderburn mtb trail proposal.

I've found so far that these people cannot be reasoned with. Valid comments opposing their view on social media are deleted, especially if they gain some support. Some pages have blocked people from making comments.

Let's keep sharing this petition around. Encourage people to sign it and show support for the Glenfield to Wedderburn mtb trail proposal. If people need convincing try using the following resources.

For environmental information...

For the potential economic impact see...


For other information see...

Feel free to use information from these or other resources when you write to Councillor Meg Oates in support of the proposal. It was raised at a Campbelltown City Council meeting as a motion to investigate the proposal on the 8th of November, and the motion was carried. This means it will be investigated!

11.1 Proposed Georges River Bush Cycle Track
Council Resolution
It was Moved Councillor Oates, Seconded Councillor Hunt:
1. That a report be presented to Council investigating the potential to establish a Georges
River Bush Cycle Track from Glenfield to Wedderburn.
2. That this report include:
• possible route and various access points
• potential and existing sources of funding - Local, State, Federal and Non-Governmental Organisation
• estimated initial construction costs and ongoing maintenance costs
• suggested time frame and schedule
• potential impediments to the development
• an assessment of environmental issues.
211 The Motion on being Put was CARRIED.

If you think you might be able to assist the council with it's investigation of the proposed mtb trail please let Councillor Meg Oates and myself know.

Thanks everyone for your support so far, let's keep it going.

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I spoke to Councillor Meg Oates yesterday and she is very happy with the support the petition is generating, especially the letters and emails she has received.

Cr Oates will be looking to meet with supporters and stakeholders by the end of this year or early next year to discuss how locals can be involved in the investigation process and the hopefully the development and implementation of the proposed trail.

This is extremely positive news.

Let's keep the support going. Continue sharing the petition and encouraging people that the proposed trail is a great idea so they too sign the petition and write letters or emails of support to Cr Oates.

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and signed.

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Done! Cool

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Dirt Art have released their 2016 Mountain Bike Market Profile Survey Data Report.

It's worthwhile having a read and might give you some ideas if you'd like to contact Councillor Meg Oates regarding her proposed Glenfield to Wedderburn MTB trail.

Councillor Oates is working to meet with interested parties in early February. If you would like to be involved make sure you sign the petition and email Cr Oates a nice letter of support. Sharing the petition is good too!

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