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Singlespeed in Singleton on Singletrack

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By twotommos - Posted on 11 April 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Solo 4 hr singlespeed
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My first 4 hour endurance event....didn't stop going on my cramping and really enjoyed it. Great to meet some NobMobbers briefly. Well done everyone!

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You must have just snuck though before the four hours was up. As they say, no good deed goes unpunished - you got to do an extra lap!

I agree, it was a real fun track Smiling

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On taking out the category! You still havent convinced me to get a single speed.... Yet.

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Great result and good to see like all of us at the finish you had one of those big satisfied smiles! Or was that the pain of riding single speed for 4hrs?

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Just finished building my new 29+ single speed so couldn't make it to that one.

What ratio were you running and would you use the same again?

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This was one track that I thought I could get away with some experimentation. I rode a 36 X 19....was great on the few flat sections and I was able to power away quite nicely. As the race wore on some of those pinch climbs felt sooooo much longer. I will try and experiment with another ratio next time. It was hard on the hardtail.....kidneys took a bit of a bashing and my 100mmm front shock was only absorbing about 50-60mm so my hands and wrists felt needs a service.
My single speed is my #1 choice it!Hope you do too!

@ Hawkeye:
Yip had to try and squeeze another lap in made it just before the cutoff and took my time on the last lap.Well done to your crew and yes the dirt and the smile were well worth it at the end!Sorry we couldn't chat more.

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@Fatboy: Truly satisfying mate! Smile away I say!Great to meetcha too!

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Yep, this is my 4th single speed, so you could say I'm sold on singling Smiling

Thanks for the feed back, if you can run bigger tyres they can soak up some vibrations but also effects your ratios.

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Nice one,twotommos. I would have chickened out and run a maximum lol

I really have to do a race on the SS some time. Just a matter of choosing the right one. Eye-wink

Black Flash, you need an SS. You know it. I'll even let you fit a set of those wanky clipless pedals to one of mine so the transformation will be complete.

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Pancakes I think you might be good on that ratio too. It might take more than just pedals to do that transformation for the Flash!

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Great point about the thicker tyres!I've only got one on the rear...might put one on the front too!

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Definitely recommend putting a tyre on the front as well as the rear.

Probably find it easier to pedal and your rim will last longer too Eye-wink

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Had a ride around this track and it was better than I thought it would be. Great for a beginner like me Smiling

There is some nice flow with lots of kangaroos for scenery and I ended up doing 3 laps. The surface was pretty bumpy but letting some air out of the tyres made a huge difference. Used a 32/16 and it felt pretty much perfect.

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