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Eagle vs Shark - Last run of the Day and the Rotorua Holiday

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By amarkie - Posted on 05 February 2016

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Im not a superstitious person but when it comes to "Last Run Of The Day" that's a different story .. I've had two broken bone incidents on "the last run of the day".

So I decided I'd ride cautiously .. except you can't really do that on Eagle Vs Shark. This is how it went.

Raw video - Last run of the day, Last run of the holiday.

Rotorua January 2016

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I'm a doofus. We passed up a run down Eagle v Shark.

What was I thinking? Puzzled

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Yeah its some trail. But to get right back around to the 8 Mile gate via Pipeline Rd, Be Rude Not To, Mad if you Don't takes about 40 mins. Its an amazing way to end a day.

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Thanks !! Best 8 minutes this year....RotoruaPorn....

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You look like you're on pretty good form running down there. Did you edit out the crash(es)?? Smiling

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arghvee - arguably the best 8mins in the forest however I'm a big fan of Te Tihi-o-Tawa to Billy T to G Rock, To Chestnut Link, to Roller Coaster to Moonshine .. but thats about 30mins of descending Laughing out loud

Lach, despite riding with a bunch of guys who were super fast I only came off twice all trip, and both were totally innocuous front end losses at walking pace. I was more surprised than anyone. The guy in the all black however he wrapped himself around a tree on the top section of EVS, bike around one way, he went around the other. Luckily for him, hes a former freestyle BMXer so he has the whole *EJECT* thing down pat. 6 guys in the Forest for 7 days and nothing more serious than a cold. Obviously not going hard enough!

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My favourite trail in Rotorua!!

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Its certainly right up there for me, and a few of the boys had it as #1. The thing with EVS is the way home is such a big effort you have to make every run count. You know you've had a ride once you hit the bottom that's for sure.

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Loved Billy T when we did it. That 3m vertical rollover at the end is about the only unsigned obstacle on the network that I remember Sticking out tongue

EVS: Yeah, that 40 minute return trip Sad

But it looks totally worth it Smiling

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I'd never had the stones to do that drop just before the gap - but after a totally awesome run down Te Tihi O Tawa I was unstoppable .. you can here the FIGJAM.

It was the smoothest I took it all trip!

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That's the one. Smiling

We were flying down. Fortunately it had a bunch of rubberneckers procrastinating about doing it, which tipped me off to get on the anchors and check it out. Otherwise I reckon I'd have overshot it and endo'd at the bottom!

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That looks so sweet. I kept waiting for the big crash. I reckon I held my breath for most of the video. Nicely done!

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Hawkeye Ive probably taken the B-line 20 times but on this run I was so on song I thought F*** it and over I went .. every other time since I nosed it and felt very very lucky to have got down. The slight air I got off the lip was the key.

How about this tho - Hugh on his first attempt .. also his last attempt Laughing out loud

Jacojoco it is as every bit as fun as it looks ... and some, the genius of it is the ride out is such a hike that you cant run it over and over so you make every run count. From the bottom back to any sort of single track is about 20mins and a good 30mins back to the shuttle.

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I was too chicken to do the gap jump. Sticking out tongue

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