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Vote for more MTB Trails!

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By Ray R - Posted on 30 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Do you want to see more MTB trails in NSW? Then please show your support by voting for the Wylde MTB Trail in the Premier's Peoples Choice Landscape Awards at:

If Wylde wins, then we have demonstrated a popular demand fro MTB trails. We just can't let a seawall at Cronulla beat a MTB trail!

Even if you have never ridden Wylde, or don't even live in Sydney or NSW, your vote(s) will all help the cause of gaining more MTB trails.

Many thanks - get your friends to vote too please. Ray

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And then log on via your phone and vote again, and again with your tablet and again with your laptop.
Then clear your cache and repeat!

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And do this each day (or more frequently as the doctor ordered) - and ask all your family and MTB friends to do so as well!

Wylde is coming back up again.

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Yes - Wylde MTB is just staying ahead of the Cronulla seawall in the voting. But we must keep Wylde ahead until 10 Sept to show the popularity and need for more MTB trails. Keep voting please.

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overseas residents vote or does that risk possible problems?

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Done... Still ahead but it's close

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they are still all people expressing an opinion by voting. I suppose if Wylde suddenly had 100k votes, then it could cause an issue.

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I even opened a different browser and voted a second time.

Get on it everyone!

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we need to keep voting, overnight that bloody seawall at Cronulla went from 28% to 32%, closing the gap to Wylde.

It would appear as though you can vote as many times as you want so everytime you come back to your computer follow the links and vote again. You can't place a second vote immediately, it looks like you have to close your browser and open it back up.

Keep voting, we can't let the Shirelings win.

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There was an article in The Leader (local Shire paper) this week which probably motivated a few locals to vote and closed the gap to Wylde.
As stunningly pretty as those concrete steps are we do need to make sure Wylde gets up to give credit and visibility for what it brings to our sport.
In the interest of all democratic elections I encourage you to vote early and vote often. Copy the link before you vote - once you vote close the browser and go again.
You might have to tear yourself away from The Bachelor or the reruns of Gilmore Girls to get it done.

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but MTB and Wylde stay ahead. But don't let complacency set in. The Shire may just wait to pounce at the end. We need a big buffer.

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Another vote just in. 36 to 31% ahead

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Going in and out of incognito mode in Chrome is a wonderful thing

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The fury on the 'Sutherlandshire Seawall Enthusiasts Club' must be barely contained!

kitttheknightrider's picture

don't you?

"Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider or the websites that you visit."

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And... ? Smiling

kitttheknightrider's picture

your ip address so that you could vote multiple times.

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Not hiding. It's the same as clearing your cookie cache but easier.

Keep your votes flowing in, this is an important step for making life easier for those working to get more trails approved and funded, for you to ride!

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Yeah you want something like Advanced Onion Router-

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The Shire climbed back within 3% of Wylde this evening! A late counter attack - but not unexpected. Hold fast MTBers - keep clicking.

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It would appear that multiple votes don't appear to count as the total number of votes received isn't changing when I vote. I am guessing it is remembering my ip address.

This means we need to spread the word as much as possible and we need to vote from multiple devices.

Edit: It might just be that the total number of votes takes a while to tally and be adjusted so keep voting anyway. Does anyone know how these polls work?

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