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By Marcbt - Posted on 30 August 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Hi Everyone,

My name is Marc and I am fairly new to this sport and looking for others to join in with on future rides.

Although new to this style of riding I am fairly comfortable on a bike and reasonably fit so I shouldn't slow you down too much!

Let me know if you are interested in taking on a newbie.
Am happy to travel as well

Cheers. Marc

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Hi Marc, keep a lookout on the organised rides on this site

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Thanks mate will do

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Hi mate. Welcome Smiling

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Hi Daisy,

Thank you

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Hi Marc

Put up a ride meeting post saying when and where you're going, you may get a few people to join you that way.

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Righto thanks Pete will do


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Hi Marc, I'm very new to mountain biking and just moved to Newcastle from Canberra a week ago. Keen to meet people and discover the tracks up here. Let me know if you head out some time. Sam

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If you organise anything, I'd be happy to tag along Smiling

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What area do you live in and type of riding you into and type of bike you are riding

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I was wondering how much riding you have done and interested in meeting a girls group to ride with

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Only been riding a couple of months now but really keen to go out more often. I'm free Thursday arvo from around 5.30 if anyone is interested in Glenrock (Pending the rain and storms).
Moved here a week ago and haven't been out yet so if anyone has a recommendation on the best place to meet up I'd love to hear it!

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If you are interested in travelling to the Central Coast I'm going to be riding Dubbo Gully at Mangrove Mountain this Saturday, it's all weather riding so recent rain wont be an issue.

If you want the details PM me.

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Sydney this weekend but would be interested in checking it out another time:)

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Hi guys,

relatively new to the area as well and looking to do a bit more riding. And new to the forum. This weekend the weather is not that good Sad But next weekend I am planning to ride Glenrock or Medowie. Anybody cares to join?

Let me know

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If rain stays away this week I might join you post a ride in the ride meeting stating what time you looking to leave and allowing time to finish , if you haven't done either trail you will need a guide .

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Forecast is looking good. Before I post the ride we could agree on the day and time?
Do you have a preference for Saturday or Sunday? I have ridden both trails there a few times but you might know a trail that I have missed.

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Heading to Sydney on Saturday but don't let me hold you back from posting a ride if you are keen to ride on Saturday .

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I will be there tomorrow after 10.15 with my boy trying out the specialized bikes ill have a black with red hydration pack , probably wearing grey baggies will be wearing a fox helmet and knee pads on too come out if you like a ride and show around

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I assume you are going to be at Glenrock? I'll be there as well then around that time. Wearing red baggies and a green shirt. Riding a black Scott mountain bike. See you there

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Look out for a shimano jersey

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I'm keen to ride most weekends or the occasional afternoon. I can get to any of the local area tracks

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