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26 is dead! Long lIve 26

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By Flynny - Posted on 31 July 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Quick little play on the new bike on a glorious afternoon in the 'go.

Some details I' suppose
Franken Bike. Blur TRca 2.0

Huge thanks to Rick Boyer and the team at Lusty Industries and Distributors Santa Cruz Bicycles Australia and Santa Cruz Bikes for Jumping through hoops to get me sorted with this. I had a heap of spare parts sitting about so when the opportunity of a new frame came up I jumped at it. Only, being a retro grouch, everything I had was for 26" ( You remember remember, little wheels, heaps of fun)

The problem was SC don't make frames for that any more. The guys at SC found me an Alloy frame... wrong size so they scratched around and found the single remaining BLUR TRc front triangle and it just happened to my size. We matched it up to the rear end off the Alloy frame and the TRca was born.

A mid travel bike is something I have really missed, when I had the shop and was racing I was lucky enough to have dedicated DH and XC bikes but for the Go' where the ride up is mostly gentle and the ride down is mostly not so gentle I'd often think back to the fun I had on my old Giant Warps or later the 2002 Giant AC... Man that bike was perfect for the time and the trails around here. Anyhoo now reliving my mispent not so youth

Some parts will be up graded down the line but for now it's a hell of a play bike. Hit the trails yesterday for the first time, brakes weren't quiet right (fixed now) stopped mid trail to scope a line and still managed to knock a fair whack off my best time down a trail I had a long standing KOM on and was currently sitting in second.

Can't wait to give it a bit of curry on the weekend

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Good on you for posting this. I am utterly convinced that 26" isn't dead. So many crazy deals on them at the moment, and they are more than capable. They will come back just like everything else.. just as retro. Then people will be saying we were crazy for getting rid of them.

Disclaimer.. I'm not racing any more, just out on the local trails having fun fun fun. A meaty dollop of travel and even thinking of flat pedals - who'd have thunk it?

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I've said it before... 26" ain't dead Eye-wink

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No, not dead, just retired.

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Nuthin wrong with 26"

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Definitely not dead, still nimble as ever.
Im in the process of building a 26 Nomad

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But definitely taken up residence in the nursing home Eye-wink

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Rocking out in the nursing home scrowling about kids dumbing down trails for their dumbed down big wheeled bikes.

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