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Medowie MTB Track update for 05 Jul

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By sippffo - Posted on 05 July 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
Amber/Some Issues

Quite a lot of Damp areas, especially muddy and wet in a lot of places, will need a fair while to dry out, 1st time riding here, and ran into another rider up from Sydney, also agreed very muddy and wet, bordering on RED in some areas.

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If both of you agreed it was very muddy and wet, then why did you change it to amber?

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So I just refreshed myself with the meanings of red/amber/green.

Red indicates official closure, atrocious conditions, a complete no-go area.
Amber indicates although the trail is not officially closed there are issues such as a partial closure, or other problems so riders should look for alternate venues.
Green indicates everything is good.

I can see why it could be changed to amber going off these definition.
If riders should look else where then I reckon that should be classed as red too.
Amber should be something like- rideable, with some issues that will damage trails if ridden.

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