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Trail closure signs

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By uppo75 - Posted on 19 May 2015

When NPWS close glenrock, where are the signs informing the public as such?
I have yet to see a sign anywhere that indicates the trails are closed except for the trail status traffic lights at the top left of the home page.
Most normal people would just not ride after it's been raining but others.....

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Was closed after the storms notices were just attached to the gates and other existing signs.

Wet weather closures or status have never been posted by the NPWS. We are relying on people to respect the GTA status - which is not an official closure.

Unfortunately this has been far from satisfactory.

The NPWS would like to install status type signs like a fire hazard warning, but prefer a remotely operated type - these would be very expensive and so action on that has stalled.

We are currently looking at other options for the interim and I have been speaking to the ranger about that today so watch this space for an update.

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Can they be made out of metal so the won't get burnt and how many official entry points are in Glenrock are there 3 ?

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They will be metal.

The NPWS are calling it 4 official or recognised entry points (one of the main problems is so many ways in).
Gun Club Rd., Flaggy Creek, Bailey's Paddock and Treatment works Rd.

This has been a long time concern with myself and the GTA members. It's been held up for so long.
Anyway at the moment I am trying to give it a real push so I'll keep everyone posted.

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