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What Mike Baird, Matt Kean, Robyn Parker and Jonathan O'Dea say about the need for mountain bike trails in northern sydney

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By mudgee - Posted on 26 March 2015

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

So seeing as it is election time, here are a few key government figures publicly stated views on the need for mountain bike facilities.

If you see them on Saturday, buy them a sausage sandwich and ask why it's taken so long to achieve so little when our local members (who are in government) seems to unanimously support more trails...and why they think it's acceptable to destroy some of the few trails that we have to make room for the waste from a private motorway project?

Matt Kean on destroying OMV trails to fill the Hornsby quarry.

"As a fellow rider I am very focussed on this. Mountain biking will be an important part of the new park."

Mike Baird on the Bantry Bay trails

"Mr Baird said the announcement was a long time coming but a fantastic result.

“I strongly believe that allowing mountain bike access to our fantastic National Park will encourage more people to participate and experience the wonder they provide,” Mr Baird said"

Robyn Parker on the Bantry Bay trails

"Environment Minister Robyn Parker and Manly MP Mike Baird today announced amendments to the Garigal National Park management plan, paving the way for a new purpose built mountain bike track and suitable trails to be opened to horse riding.
“It’s part of the NSW Government’s commitment to rethink the way we care for our environment by finding new ways for people to enjoy our parks,” Ms Parker said"

Jonathan O'Dea on Belrose Tip (Bare Creek mountain bike park)

“I thank the Council for the opportunity to reflect the views of many in the community who love the sport of Mountain Biking and those who generally support outdoor activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.

“Mountain bikers have been restricted in the use of land for their sport and the rehabilitated landfill site provides an ideal opportunity to create tracks for their activity,” he said.

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... never in the course of cycling history has so little been given by so few to so many..... While Mike Baird seems to have ben pretty good in relation to Manly Dam (as a local member), it might be a bit hard to refocus him on mtb issues if he's still in the big chair.

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its the Australian Cyclists Party. They're not just for cycle commuters, they're for mountain bike trails as well.

Its Mike Bairds government that has underspent every other State Government over the last term on cycling infrastructure.

It's his government that is ripping up Sydney CBD cycle ways. Its his government that is proposing registration and licensing of cyclists in a bid to place mire hurdles in the way of improved cycling uptake.

As much as I'd love to vote for him because he helped us so much from Opposition, it's his failure to rein in his idiot colleague Duncan Gay and his support for more traffic-generating roads instead of integrated public transportation that means I just can't go there.

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I had two meetings with Robyn Parker while working with Western Sydney Parklands to have a MTB trail planned and built. Robyn's support was instrumental in achieving this aim.

Likewise, it was with her support that the Indigenous Heritage Study at Yellomundee Regional Park was finally carried out.

She deserves credit for her MTB work while Minister for Environment.

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