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Demo day while Glenrock is closed?

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By inertia - Posted on 31 August 2014

It's a bit disappointing to see a mtb demo day running when Glenrock is closed... Are they only riding on the fire trails?

Other bike shops demo days have suffered at the hands of the weather (and been rightly frustrated, but obeyed the rules).

Sure, when the sun is out you are going to get riders in the park regardless of trail status, but if a bike shop is advocating riding the trails after weeks of rain, that is a different matter.

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Did NPWS make them do the wet weather loop?

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I'll find out more from the NPWS tomorrow when the ranger is on Duty.

Cheeky Velo seemed to indicate on their Facebook page that they would be sticking to Fire Roads.

I actually went for a bush walk on the central coast yesterday and for the most part it was surprisingly dry. Has anyone had a look at Glenrock?

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Spoke to NPWS.

The Demo day was under the control and watch of NPWS. Consent was granted to ride fire trail only with a staff escort.

Any single trail damage that may have occurred in sundays sunshine wasn't due to the demo day.

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Sorry Lenny, you are seriously wrong - I went to the demo day with a mate.
We got there and the first thing I saw was a guy wearing super fluro yellow shorts with mud all the back of them. One of the guys wearing a cheeky shirt asked what we wanted( to try). I replied that I wasn't sure what I wanted but I knew I didn't want to look like that guy that has sh*t himself.

We asked about riding on the wet trails and were told that we shouldn't be riding on them but just go easy( or something to that effect).
So we got on our demo bikes (nice bikes too) and started off on double barrel which had lots puddles and muddy bog holes. THERE WAS NO STAFF ESCORT.
I was annoyed at myself for riding there through the widening puddles but I was there for a mate and I followed him onto twisties. Mud everywhere. gluggy corners. slippy wet clay bog holes.It has been wrecked over the last few weeks. It is gonna need some serious work. To be fair to Cheeky, there was other riders out there. Lots of kids on the dirt jumps.

We finished our one loop and headed back and told them we would call it a day. We were asked why and we said it's too muddy and we couldn't really do a proper test as it was too muddy PLUS we were wrecking the trails.
He seemed a bit shocked at our comment and said that mud wouldn't hurt them and they should be ridden that way. Yellow shorts cool guy (in the background) was scoffing well at my comments and I also said that someone would have to repair these trails most likely me at the next trail care days. More mild amusement, shaking of head and facial gestures from yellow guy.

Cheeky knew they would be contributing to the trail damage. Perhaps a suggestion to NPWS would be to only allow demo days if they donate some of their time or money to the up keep of trails.

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This is the sort of thing the NPWS need to know about.

I'm pushing for them to take responsibility for closures and enforcement.

It's not OK for people to even think it's right to ride when it's wet and this sort of thing sends the wrong message.

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Uppo75, I was only passing on the information provided to me from NPWS. The issue here is with the shop not complying with the conditions of their use of the park.

EMPY has already sent your response through to the NPWS.

I do believe though that if we are to even start to change the culture of riding on a sunny day after a weeks heavy rain, things like a demo day need to stop in those conditions. Wet weather closure signage are only part of the solution. If a shop though is sending the message that is cool to ride the trails in bad conditions, then culture change will be that bit harder as shops can have a big influence on when/how people ride.

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Bike shops would love people who ride in the mud, and probably secretly encourage it - servicing.

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This seems pretty poor form. Other shops have cancelled demo days when the weather has turned, so I can't see why these guys would have a different take on what to do. As others have said, it doesn't help getting the message out to stay away when the trails are wet. Disappointing!

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