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HSC Design and Technology Project

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By SamJo - Posted on 16 August 2014

Hi, my name is Sam and I am currently in Yr. 12 studying HSC Design and Technology and for my project I created a video and a handbook to assist people Mountain biking in Glenrock Reserve. The aim of the video is to allow riders to experience a first hand perspective of the trails and even plan their next ride based on the trails they have just seen in the video. If you want to see what i have come up with just visit the link.
If you find time to watch it could you please comment your feedback, as I would be interested in knowing what you think. Thanks.

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sound removed by youtube

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And content not available on mobile devices - read iPads.


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No sound for me.

I think it is a great idea though, especially linking it in with a hand book.

I do have a few comments, particularly as its a HSC project.

Probably half of the trails you have in the video would be termed "illegal" by the NPWS. And while the GTA won't be advocating for their closure, widely promoting them will only accelerate any action the NPWS will have in shutting them down. I'd stick to the trails that are contained within the Plan of Management.

There are a few trails you rode backwards, Snakes and Ladders in particular creates a bit of a management issue. Again, I would stick the video to the sanctioned directions if you are creating a riders guide.

That aside, the idea is great as is the footage you have. I liked where you had the dual camera angles. But for me (and I will probably get shot down for this), if you are creating a riders guide for a sanctioned areas, it should probably be limited to the trails sanctioned by the land manager and the directions they are signposted and mapped.

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Thanks for the feedback ill definitely fix those few things up before it is marked. I did send an email to verify why those trails were not on the map but i received no reply so thanks for helping me out in that regard i will be sure to address that.

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I've just sent you a DM about the email.

Seriously though, I think the idea of the video and handout has merit. Have you thought about a simple website with the video broken down to individuals trails and a short page for each trail?

Just an idea. I think where you could take this is limitless.

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The video worked on my iPad but there was no sound.

A map highlighting the the trail being shown at the start of each ride would be good showing the entry point. Could include another map at the end showing where you finished.

Maybe a quick grab of some stats for each section, like distance, elevation, up or down direction, skill level recommendation etc

The videos from the helmet point of view were easy to watch as they didn't jump around so much compared to the bike mounted ones.

Definitely stick to the sanctioned trails and their directions.

The handbook would be cool as an app that had all the info easy to access.

Cool project though, well done.

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