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GT Soot

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By Rob - Posted on 04 April 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Someone's flashy new bike I found pictures of on the interweb thing.

Note it's got a Larsen Rear, Crossmark front. I believe the owner (related to a one, Captain Insaneo) would know what he's doing! Eye-wink

Oh, turns out the model is a GT Marathon Pro. The title is 'soot' 'cos the frame is made from congealed carbon, or carbon with fibre, or something like that. Laughing out loud

markrrrrr's picture

jeez did I mention that's a great lookin bike you've got there and a pretty impressive wall also.

Nice choice of tyres too, just happens to reflect my own personal choice.

Bernd's picture

.... just jealous!!!!!
gr8t bike, looks dynamite....

blackbetty's picture

Yeah the new style of GTs are awesome. I've been eyeing off one of those Zaskar's for the duties that don't require 7" of travel.

Sick bike man.

Flynny's picture

What a great looking bike.

It looks a bit like my new bike.

It also looks like my wall.

Come to think of it that looks like my new bike leaning on my wall.

And if it looks like my new bike, smells like my new bike it may just be my new bike.

Did I mention that I fitted Crossmark front Larsen rear to my new bike?

Oh and by the way I got a new bike...

Michael B's picture

Saddle angle looks a bit whacky, but appart from that it looks very nice.

Flynny's picture

Yeah I hadn't adjusted the saddle as yet. I do run mine slightly nose down but not that much

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