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GTA Trail Works to start again.

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 16 June 2014

Everyone has probably noticed the trail work side of things has been very quiet of late. Way too quiet. There is a number of reasons for this but thats probably another topic for another time.

Anyway, things will start moving again now. There has been a bit of a rethink on the way trail works are approached and we are going to take things back to basics.

Up until now, we have done major works, but never really finished off a trail. The thinking now is to actually get stuck in and sort out any issues on a trail along its entirety, with a view to building at first a short, but functional loop in less than idea conditions. If we can fix Kenny's up to a suitable level then there would be a functional wet(isn) loop being Kenny's, Bailey's Management Trail, Snakes And Ladders, Seismick, Double Barrel and Reload.

So starting in the near future we will kick start the build days and start work on Kenny's going from wet spot to wet spot and weather proof them as well as they can be. Obviously we will still need regular maintenance and tidy up, but once Kenny's is done we can move on and systematically form a we weather trail that will offer the management trails and some single trail when the weather isn't great.

The first task will likely be to rework the trail around the fallen log about 100m into Kenny's. The trail is rutting badly on both sides of the log. Initial thoughts are to re-route the trail around the log, but also offering an A Line over the log if feasible.

Once this section is fixed properly we can move onto the next section.

Hopefully there will also be an increase in activity as far as routine general maintenance goes.

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Sounds great, count me in if I'm not working.

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Keen to lend a hand when it happens

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Keen to lend a hand when it happens

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I should get out and meet some people I guess, I seem to ride more road than anything now, very sad.

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I've been suffering the same road affliction Fairy, but I am putting in a big effort to rectify that one.

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I might be able to get some narrow bore concrete pipe/culvert for free. For trails which cut across the side of a hill (like Kenny's) the water will need to get across at some point. Compact some road base around the pipe and direct water through it. Much more effective than armouring with rocks as it addresses the process of water movement rather than combatting the problem of mud-holes and erosion.

If done properly, you wouldn't even know it was there.

Just a thought.

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Awesome, I we will keep what in mind. Always good to know what materials are available.

We have some large concrete pipe at the NPWS depot that we intend to utilise on the low part in Kenny's just after the Telstra Pit. Water flows through there very fast and deep when Hunter Water flush out the water tanks. The plan is to do as you suggested, put the pipe in and compact the trail surface over it and let water flow under.

This will change the line into the next section needing works. Where the tree fell and the trail diverted up and around it. We are going to realign this section to cut out the trail that is now rutting very quick. The line will join in at the top of the fallen tree, but a new aline will be created that goes over the tree.

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That sounds like an awesome plan SD - really the weakest bit of trail we have, both up and down

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Beyond that Kenny's needs just some minor tweaks and it is generally pretty good. We have some major stuff planned for the chute area as well.

The Baileys Bog, well, that will be a bog until a really major fix is put forward. Realistically, it needs a bridge or elevated trail. Don't hold your breath for it.

We spent some time looking at BJ's. Other than the line on the left through the first rocky section, the trail isn't that bad. If the line on the left can be shut down we don't have too much to do in there either. Mick and I spent a bit of time watching people yesterday and no one went near the left line. I suspect its just a few people got the line all wrong and the rain has done the rest.

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With baileys , can't help but think those chained together old bridges that are up at the depot could so easily be cut in half lengthways and reused as an on the ground bridge across baileys. Surely there is no more environmentally conscious solution than recycling that otherwise will eventually end up in land fill........

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Elevate the trail a bit and throw some half concrete pipes in to allow the water to flow through and then we can have a pump paddock.

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When we have asked about an elevated trail or bridge in the past, the issue has been slashing the grass. It is the best solution short of having a 300m long rock trail. Even then the rocks would most likely sink into the quagmire.

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Pump paddock...brilliant! Anyway to improve the trail whilst adding a bit of fun factor...100% behind that.

Keen to help with some maintenance again after our successul stoush at seismic. I will bring my new yellow shirt too.

When will we know when it's on?

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Single track in the bushes on the left? As the winter track, and straight through as the dry track? Eye-wink

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We may need to poke around in the bushes on the hight side, but if memory serves me correctly (and more often than not it doesn't). the water is still pretty bad up high as well.

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I am doing some extensions at home and have a whole retaining wall of bushrock I'd love to get rid of, is this something you could use for trail work? I'm happy to deliver to Glenrock. Happy to send pics for you to check the material out.

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On the size and sort of rock.
Generally we are using local rock sourced from the quarry, the NPWS are OK with that because it's natural.

We may be able to use it even if it's just for fill.
Do you think you could hold on to it until we need it?
We don't want to be accused of just dumping it there.

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