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Quarry - the actual main quarry.

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By AussieBen - Posted on 22 May 2014

Every time I ride past the main quarry, the possibilities manifest themselves.

-32.957028, 151.732611

So what's the go with the fenced of quarry? Is it out of bounds and if has anyone put the question to NPWS why? Is it simple safety concerns from people falling off the cliffs?

I saw some earth machinery in there the other day, so looks like it's a kinda storage yard perhaps?

The reason I ask is if someone had some contacts and knew some excitable type people who would be willing to get on board in there with some large earth moving equipment and some dirt...the possibilities for a well designed medium-difficult MTB dirt-ride section is fairly large...those walls are going to waste IMO.

Obviously would have to over come the safety of the cliff, nothing a fence couldn't sort out like it does now.

If the Harbour bridge climb got over the >100 issues the RTA raised maybe there is a way the quarry could be utilised in a conservative manner? Might even reduce some of the new trails from popping up.

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Love what they have done in that video.

WIth the Gun Club Quarry, I think the main fear is safety. There are some pretty big cracks from mine subsidence around the cliff faces. We have spoken with NPWS a few times about the quarry though and because it is still an operational quarry (in that NPWS take material from there to various parks), there is also a safety issue there.

I'll definitely be using that video with LMCC though in showing the potential for munibung.

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The Munibung quarry rezoning goes to Council again soon. The councillors had a site inspection this week. Proposed to be zoned E4 in the pits and E2 elsewhere.

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