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Motor bikes in Glenrock

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By AussieBen - Posted on 25 April 2014

Hi all

On 18/4/14 I was having a ride at the bottom of double barrel when I heard 3 motor bikes mozzie on through out of easy way out, and turn east down Gun Club.

I couldn't get my camera out fast enough and I left my oozie at home unfortunetly.

Anyone I can call to report such Dheads or any other suggestions?


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It's a Police matter, Charlestown is the local, but getting someone out there to chase a moto would be impossible.

If you can get a rego number then you can report it to the NPWS Newcastle on 02 4946 4100 during office hours. The Ranger should at least follow it up with a warning.

It's a tough one as often they're unregistered and nearly impossible to catch.
I've had a few reports of moto's that weekend.

I like to think I've had some success previously by just flagging hem down and explaining to them that what they are doing is illegal and that we as MTB'ers don't want to be blamed or have to put up with the damage they cause. Most of them plead ignorant - so at least you change that.

They're a lot more mobile than us and perhaps can be encouraged to at least take it down Redhead way where the trails a much more suited.

Thanks for the concern and good luck!

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There were a couple in there last weekend as well, sadly one broke down and I'm not sure if four people staring at the air filter managed to make it run. I felt bad for not helping, hahahaha!

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