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new jumps

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By elmcfatty - Posted on 18 January 2014

it has come to my attention that we need some new dirt jumps
muds is getting played around with and we need some decent jumps that have size and have been built by people who can build!

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I'd love to help build and ride some properly made jumps/pumps.

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Not much new stuff is happening at all at the moment while NPWS gear up for the Plan of Management amendments that are coming.

They are aware of the need to actually have the jumps maintained. I think whats holding it all back is their uncertainty in what a proper standard for the jumps is.

I'll make sure the jumps stay on the agenda though. There is no intention to get rid of them, just no set plan to actually manage them.

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I think a plan to manage the jumps is important. As has been written in the other relevant post over the last few months a lot of very poor additions have been made to the jumps. I rode them yesterday and they are now getting pretty bad. The last two have had the kickers changed and higher longer landings added, while I had no trouble I do think the potential for front wheel cases has increased for unaware or lower skilled people. There is also alot of rumble being left on the jumps and immediately around them I throw two half bricks to the side which where sitting on the take offs.

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