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Straight Line on Shaft.

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 13 January 2014

You've probably all noticed, but immediately before the last tight right hander on shaft (on the top twisty section before you hit the reworked management trail section), a straight line has developed.

Presumably this line makes the last turn (which is tight) easier and faster to ride. Personally the line holds no interest to me and left alone it will eventually channel water into the last berm.

I've made contact with NPWS to float a frew ideas, one of which is to keep the straight line but turn it into a technical A-line. My rational here is that any closed line here, unless closed really well, will in all probability re-open. Formalising it as a technical a-line may serve to do a few things;

- Divert the water where it is supposed to flow.
- Provide some technical opportunities for people to progress their riding,
- Mix up the trail a bit,
- Stop us having to continue to close a line.

So, what are peoples thoughts on this and how would you like to do it (if we can).

I was thinking that you could do one of two things,
- Hip jump into the berm. I don't like this as people would likely be braking through the berm causing braking bump issues through the turn, or
- Formalise the line as an artificial rock garden. Not a smooth cobblestone section, but something solid and challenging.

Open to other ideas on this, or it can be just closed down.

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I would learn towards a technical rock garden.

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Yeah I second a rock garden there, especially if it can be sloped slightly down towards the corner. Unless its mental, I reckon it would add some flow to that section.

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I'm getting feedback off the NPWS at the moment. As it steps off the approved corridor its a considered more than general maintenance.

If we get the OK I will arrange for materials and a build day.

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Hi SD, what about a single rock with a sharpish edge and about the 6" high on the current edge of the proper trail.

You would need to be good enough to lift and hop with pretty much 100% reliability to use the line - I reckon this would reduce traffic by well over 90%. Result - doesn't wear into a groove, no water flow problems, - cheap and easy.

Whenever the new line is more fun, that line will win - blocking them is an exercise in frustration

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I take your point. I'm just worried that we run the risk of BIG rocks being moved and rolled down the hill to suit riders as happened repeatedly on Grass Tree.

Whatever approach we take be it closing the line, putting in a rock garden or a square edge like you mentioned, needs to be done right the first time.

Even with the square edge I think we would still need to beef up the rest of the line.

I had also toyed with the idea of making it a small gap style jump. Options are limitless. I'm really thinking the line should be something that is more suitable for an AM style bike.

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Aren't you more concerned about the rutted out and eroded section just before the 'dipper'. That section is absolutely trashed...

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Are you talking about the dipper on the management trail off the bottom of "Easy Way Out". Thats going to need NPWS input as its part of the management network. It annoys me that it seems to get 4wd tracks on it every time its wet.

Its a problem, but a big one that needs a lot of resources to fix.

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Sorry mate, I'm talking about the section on Shaft just before the sharp descent, after the powerlines, and after the jumps, a few hundred metres from the shitworx.

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Hi maverick - I am getting you are talking about the little side slope that takes you into the tree ( well has taken lots of people into the tree anyway). That new line is the solution I reckon for that one. I can't see anything that can be done for the original trail to hold it together, the new one though the grass though is much flatter ground then directly down the slope and won't require much braking. Braking I think has damaged the original line permanently.

That trail of course is unofficial but tolerated

In non controlled trail areas, I find when a section of trail isn't sustainable, a new line develops and over the years the old one disappears -

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I'm with you now Maverick, sorry.

That section is in need of a lot of work, but the problem is that its actually Hunter Water Land, not NPWS. We never actually got to the point of agreement on trails in that area.

The network was supposed to actually go down under the power lines. The jump trail is an unofficial trail that is just sort of ignored at the moment (as pharmaboy noted.

The particular line that is blowing out though, either needs a lot of rock (we can't get it there) or to be closed and re-routed.

Back to the shaft straight line. NPWS at this stage don't have any objection to a technical a-line, but they can't contribute much in the way of machine hours. They can deliver materials. So, it looks positive for us being able to do something with it.

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Here is the line.

 photo GOPR4860shaft.jpg

 photo GOPR4859shaft.jpg

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Thanks Gaz, been meaning to put some photos up.

I think we need to do something sooner rather than later. I am talking with Simon (NPWS) this week.

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If the line is going to exist, it will definitely need a tech feature there. Accidentally rolling through it today, I had way too much speed for the turn. Something fun to slow you down would add to the flow in without having to scrub off too much speed I think.

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I agree.

We have a few issues with NPWS availability at the moment which have slowed the plans. Hopefully more movement in the next few weeks.

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