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Someone's been playing on 6 shooter

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By madstace - Posted on 09 January 2014

Sorry if I haven't got the right forum.

Went up to the jumps on 6 shooter today and found the little rise after the first jump has had a hole dug into it for what I can only imagine is the world's worst attempt at building a jump out of it. I'm all for it being another jump, but as it is, its pretty crap. I did my best to fill it in with some large rocks nearby (which may or may not have been taken out from said hole) to try and give it some better flow and not have people caught out, but it will need proper sorting.

Also, perhaps signage is needed there to discourage the trail fairies?



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The school holidays have claimed six shooter again. Surprised to be honest that its taken this long.

Signage won't really achieve anything, generally with six shooter its kids on holidays thinking they are making the jumps better. There is often a bit of a battle between mtb and BMX as to how the jumps are shaped.

Mick and I have both suggested that there needs to be some dirt stockpiled so kids don't have to rip the guts out of the jumps to reshape.

We may need to organise a maintenance day to clean it up.

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Someone did some work up there a few weeks ago (not sure if it was official) by adding a bit more of a lip to the take offs of some of the jumps. The work was ok, in my opinion, but not sure if it will hold up in the long run.

Was also up there yesterday and also noticed the mess that had been made.

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Wasn't official, but looking for positives. A few years back, school holidays meant new trail creation and trees cut down. If all that is happening now is some modification to jumps, well we can fix that when the holidays finish.

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just make some decent dirt jumps somewhere we need them

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And someone's been at it again. This time the second and third jumps have been built up a fair way, almost caught me out as I'd come in from the top. I will say the work itself seems OK, but they'll catch someone out soon enough.

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Ideally we need some DJ oriented people to come along and care for these jumps.

Problem is, what a serious rider would want is way beyond what the NPWS would allow, so attracting the right person will be difficult.

We also have asked a few times for material stockpiles in the area. At least that way when the jumps are tweaked, the guts aren't ripped out of them.

Its a hard one, people want to progress, but whats there only allows progression to a point.

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Hey guys

(first time poster on forums)

I have been noticing the changes to jumps over the past 9 months, and I also see some teens usually just having fun. I use 6 shooter for a hucking good time about once a week for dually jump practise. Also if the trails are wet these jumps are usually very dry except for two spots, which with a bit of tweaking could be managed well.

I would be more than happy to help maintain them (hide a shovel & bucket somewhere close by) but would need to learn a bit more (as I am new and don't know who's who in the zoo yet) to understand limitations to ensure any maintenance fit in with GTA's goals and objectives.

I will fill out a volunteer forms shortly.


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Hey lads

I noticed that only today there has been some further changes made to the dirt jumps. Some of them aren't that flash should probably be reversed or improved. However the way they are made I got a feeling they will wear back down anyway.

Happy to meet up with a shovel if it doesn't cause any ruckus some weekend.

I didn't take any shots unfortunately.

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