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Shimano MTB GP - Round 2

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By trailburner - Posted on 12 November 2013

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Saturday, 26 April, 2014 - 09:00

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

7 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
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James Estate Winery
Meeting Point: 

James Estate Winery, 951 Bylong Valley Way, Baerami, NSW 2333

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Who's in?
Lach, staffe, trailburner, Fatboy, JAKE1, MrSarcastic, sikllama, xmas, mike95 (9 riders)
Lach staffe trailburner Fatboy JAKE1 MrSarcastic sikllama xmas mike95
What Happened?

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Who Title Status Laps Time Pos.Gen. Category Pos.Cat.
Fatboy Kid Free Weekend in the Vineyards! Finished 6 03:59:38 28 6
Lach 4 hours at a winery... Finished 5 04:03:03 56 8
sikllama The dreaded lurgy strikes Finished 4 03:58:39 72 28

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I'm looking at going up to James Estate the weekend before this race to practice the trails. Just wanting to know if the tracks are obviously marked and if there is a standard loop/course.

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It's on a winery i.e. private property. If you phone Graham the avid mountain biker and winemaker and ask nicely I'm sure he'd let you ride his property especially if you purchase some vino at the end...

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But you have to go to the cellar door to tell them you are going for a ride & check the map on where to start.

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It says on the James Estate Winery's website that the trails are open from 1000 - 1630 to the public.

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Leave your car at the seller door. Just drop in and let them know you are heading out for a ride. Graham or the girls will point you in the right direction. Trails aren't really marked, but all named, but the weekend prior they should be. Plenty of other tracks around, besides the race track that is made up of approx 5km single track and 5km farm tracks around the vines. Like lucky dip and Prehistoria, great location. Take the time to do the lookout walk behind the seller door. Hope they have the you riding through the storage vats before you come into transition like last year.

They also make some pretty good wines as well. Rated highly by Halliday's. Also the bakery and Deni Hotel aren't bad for a feed, in Denman

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I'm thinking about giving this a go as a training ride in the old fart's 4-hour, but I'm nursing a dodgy little finger after dislocating it a month or two ago faceplanting on Centre Track (oh, the shame Sad ).

If it's Mont/Kowen level I'd probably give it a go, but if it's as choppy as Manly Dam or parts of Ourimbah then I'd have second thoughts.


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While I haven't ridden it yet @hawkeye, I did watch a video and it looks pretty sedate with most techy bits small with options to go around. Just strap your finger up and have a go!

We decided to leave the kids behind and make a weekend of it. One call to a mate and 5 min later him and his wife as well as another mate and his girlfriend are joining us. 4 of us will race while the other 2 will do drink bottle duty. I'll be in heaven racing my mountain bike at a winery - my 2 favourite hobbies in one!

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Yep the videos on YouTube look no worse than st ives sniggle, definately not as techy as parts of the dam or Ourimbah - just a few log rollovers and small rocks to deal with.

Looking forward to riding right through the cellar Smiling should be an experience. Wife and I are getting up there on fri morning sans kids, setting up the tent, tasting some wine and then I might go and do a lap to see what I've signed up for. On second thoughts the tasting may come after the riding Eye-wink

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Was planning on making my way north for this, but am battling the flu which arrived just in time for the long weekend. Everything i've read says to take it easy and ease myself back into training/racing Sad

Guess i'll have to make the call later this week.. was really looking forward to the race!

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Looks like I'm joining you. I seem to be coming down with the lurgy too. Sad

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It's definitely doing the rounds Sad

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Looks like the weather is forecast to play nicely for saturday - a slight chance of showers in the afternoon for the 7hr guys.

If anyone would like to join me for a casually paced recon lap tomorrow arvo I can be reached on the # in my profile.

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I like to join you but im travelling up early Saturday morning getting there before race starts , the race can start without the first lap marshall as there will be others there

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What can I say videos of this place does not do any justice this has everything in it that I have ridden over the years I have been riding , in other words every track I have raced at besides Mt Stromlos luge and bridges the James estate had it all there yesterday , every lap I was buggered but I still had a smile on my face when I got my breath back at the end

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+1 Smiley - I was too buggered to look out for you yesterday but what a great track they layed out for us. Flowy berms, narrow rocky sections, drop offs, and a few pinch climbs thrown in too. Will write up a race report soon.

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