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Trail from the Top of Snakes and Ladders

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By Tony_ - Posted on 02 November 2013

A while ago there was a bit of talk about Snakes and Ladders, either changing direction or building a new trail from the Gun Club Road down to the management trail.

I had a bit of time out there this afternoon "Trail Maintenance Cancelled". With the recent fire clearing the undergrowth it seems like a new trail from the top of Snakes and Ladders to the north. Descending to the fire trail would be a perfect solution and much easier at the moment while it’s all clear.

I know NPWS are dead against any new trails but I think that would be a winner and take the pressure off Snakes and Ladders.

Just a thought!


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I have to agree with you Tony and must admit that I have, in the past, gone the wrong way down S&L, but it felt so right (no skidding I promise RobbieO). I would gladly let Mother Nature take back Seismic if we were allowed a downwards brother for S&L. I would probably find myself in an endless loop, going around and around. What better reward for climbing S&L than getting to ride down it (or it's downwards mate). The option of doing the Quarry loop after climbing S&L isn't all that inviting. No need to remind me that this is impossible due to the current POM and we have to wait a few years until this is revised to possibly get permission for new trails. Perhaps what we can do now however, while the land is clear from the fire, is plan and mark out a track. It should be easy as the moment with the undergrowth gone, to pick the line of a nice decent with a number of switchbacks, weaving its way down the hill, no need for mega berms, just keep it simple and raw and fast. Sorry, got a little excited. Great suggestion John.

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Without that undergrowth you can see the terrain in how it pitches ,turns & drops-would be awesome for a descending trail.

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You wouldn't believe how hard we have been pushing for this exact thing.

Everyone on here has documented how much of an issue it is that the only real way off Gun Club Road is on Kenny's. Thats why people ride S&L downwards, particularly in borderline conditions when it is a LOT drier than Kenny's.

We were basically told that the only route down will be via an easement. We thought there was a few options that would work off the quarry loop, but after about 10 people from the GTA fell down the hill trying to find a way it was pretty much abandoned for now.

We have been "told" that the lower decent to the picnic table from half way up S&L will be reopened, but to me its a bandaid solution at best.

I'll keep relaying (when we have someone at NPWS to relay to) the need for a descent from Gun Club Road down to the beach, but so far its not been received very well.

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