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First longer solo lap race

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By pommyracer - Posted on 01 October 2013

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Have entered a number of shorter marathon races and team lap races in the past, but this was the first solo lap race i've done (maybe a 7 hour race was a bit crazy!). My training has been getting better and so I thought "why not" , lets see what happens.

I've raced at Awaba before in a pairs team and struggled towards the end with cramp. Therefore I knew I needed to self seed pretty well and start at the back. For the first 2 laps I felt pretty comfortable (averaging around 49 min laps). This was a good period to just practice on the course and not worry about people passing me.

Whilst the next 2 laps were a bit busier in terms of people coming by, I still felt ok. I wasn't pushing at all, just spinning my legs (i had to walk murderhorn every lap but was fine with camelbak climb). At this point I'd been going over 3 hours and I'd only done 1 3 hour training ride in the last few months. I was starting to fatigue. My arms and wrists were starting to get sore and things weren't so fun anymore. No doubt riding this on a hardtail wasn't helping!!!!

My final 2 laps were not much fun. I didn't cramp up but i was running out of gears in a number of places! Still climbing in the saddle. Having a rest at the end of each lap so my times were starting to blow out. At 5.5 hours I decided that was enough. I'm happy with how my first solo race went. Lots to improve on thats for sure - I struggle to see how I can improve to the extent I'll be making a dent in the leaderboards anytime soon!!!

Interestingly, the day after my calfs and hamstrings were quite tight, but not my quads - prob as I didn't get out of the saddle hardly ever during the race.

Next race should be the half fling - looking to get closer to that magical (well, for me anyway) 3 hour mark!

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Good on you for giving a good crack at soloing.
Those years are in the past and staying in the past for me!
Its bloody hard work doing lap races solo as it really messes with the mind compared to a point to point.
24 solo next???? Eye-wink

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ha! my wife would kill me well before the training would if I decided to do a 24hr hour!

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