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Flow MTB trail database

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By Chris_P - Posted on 27 September 2013

Hey not sure who goes to the flow MTB website but for those who do not they have just started up there own trail database. From what I can see it is free and could be a good opportunity to advertise the Glenrock trail network some more. I was going to add it myself but thought some else with a longer history with the GTA might like to do it, could also be good to get in quick so the correct info gets up there. The link is then there is a red link on the upper left to add a trail. If its not up by tomorrow arvo I will do my best to add it.


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... well, I can't help but think there has been a missed opportunity here.

I've been trying to persuade people to properly document their local trails for years. Build a system to make it happen and generate automatic maps, etc. Added some lights for status which is very well used, etc, etc.

I guess Flow's work is a step in the right direction but imagine if they used a system like we have? If you're listening guys - happy to help make it happen.

Oh well, must keep on trying, huh? Eye-wink

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I had some free time this arvo so I have submitted some info about Glenrock. It does not appear to have come up yet but when it does I happy for feedback ideas for changes.

I see your point Rob that it lacks some of the details our site currently has but I tend to think it still could be a way to introduce our trails to other riders and learn about other trails.

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I put some info in last night about Glenrock.

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