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Illegal trail bike rider in Glen Rock - with Photo.

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By The Pom - Posted on 22 September 2013

On Saturday morning (21/9/13) at 11am I snapped this scumbag riding through Glenrock. Any thoughts about how we can identify him and pass the info onto the right people?

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If we had the whole number plate, we could give it to NPWS and they will issue the fine.

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Plus also regular NPWS patrols!-in the 2nd largest city in NSW is this asking too much of NPWS??

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Find them more funding and I am sure they would. The parks in sydney are similarly under resourced, other than the ones where you pay to access/park, so careful what you wish for.

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In the national parks, it seems to be police who do the enforcement - I have moto friends who get back to their car and trailer and police are waiting and check rego, ask where they have been riding etc etc. highway patrol have off road motorbikes they use for this sort of stuff, and sometimes come out if enough resident s have complained .

At least that one was registered. All t would have taken was a rego shot with the sign in th background and you would have got him - close, but no cigar.... ;(

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The funding to close those trails on the south....

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Pharmaboy, I think your bang on the money about police doing the enforcement. I remember a few years back the NPWS did a blitz in the Tomaree NP. they essentially had the police moto's hit the area hard.

The same thing was done in the Stockton Sand Dunes if I remember correctly.

Enforcement wise, the NPWS are helpless, other than photos of number plates its hard for them to actually pull someone ever when they are on foot or in a mini excavator.

The funding to close those trails on the south....

Came from the same CMA grant funding that paid for Grass Tree and Shaft.

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If their is a trail closed sign can I take photos of MTB riders doing the wrong thing and post them on here?

Fair enough if he was flying up MTB trails tearing them to shreds, but he may have just been cruising around the fire road testing his new bike out(still wrong I know).

The number of push bike riders that rode Glenrock when part of it was closed for backburning was crazy, but hey, it's always fun to point the finger.

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Karma can be nasty
Well said fairy1 I know I haven't been perfect
We do have to educate Moto riders not to damage Glenrock

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