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Last Left Hand on BJ's - Potential Trail Works and solutions.

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 07 September 2013

One of the things that came out of the forum was that we should have more discussion of specific trail sections and solutions on the forum. Anyone can start one of these discussions, but I thought I would get the ball rolling with this one.

The last left hander on BJ's while not on the work list right now, will need to be fixed in the future. I am talking about the last left before your traverse the hill coming out on the power line easement before going up it happens. Immediately before the left is a right hand berm.

Anyway, what are peoples thoughts on this turn. Currently is has a few different lines a rocky wide line, a rutted line through the middle and a smoother line through the inside.

Throwing it out there, options for this section include;
- Complete re-route to the right of the trail to put the turn on a flatter piece of land.
- Berm the Trail
- Try and maintain the multi lines but control water.

In discussing this though, lets also think about how we could achieve the desired outcome. Maybe if we get a bit of solid discussion we can get in and do the works.

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To go for the re route & go up a little higher to get away from the depression it seem to be in.

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Ohhh, I love the ruts and bumps, what if you rock armour just before the corner to slow people down a bit to reduce skidding?

If you berm it exit speed would be pretty damn high and the small chicane after the left may need some adjustment to get people through safely, an A line jump over the anchor rock would be nice Eye-wink

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I have limited technical advise of how to fix this corner but I do agree it needs fixing. For me the bottom of BJ's is about being a bit rough and rocking and I would like to keep sort of that feel. I really like the right hand berm before the last left its fast, rough and more of a natural feeling berm, rather than a nice smooth and over worked one. If there was a way to create a similar feeling berm of the last left hander I personally think that would work, particularly as you can get to that corner with quite a lot of speed so a berm could help you keep it.

I also tend to think that the third last corner (I think have not ridden BJ's for over a month) could do with a look also. The exit is creeping further and further down the hill, with the angle of the camber get steeper.

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Best example of a solution given the terrain IMO is the steep left handed about 1km in to the Paterson track - ie buried and bermed concrete blocks - I know it's not fitting, but al least its a permanent fix

I don't agree it's a speed problem, it's a 20% slope hairpin turn problem, you either get rid of the slope or the hairpin nature of the turn. - a very late berm of rock might just be enough to smooth the approach .

2 m more arc, a 1 ft high berm that works with inlaid rock on the path into the berm?

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short cut the corner with a slow speed LH corner complete with rock anchor into a man made rock/log drop (slower speed style with A and B lines of course). This can pick up on the trail that traverses out to the power lines and could join in either after the small rise or in prior the small LH rocky berm.

This would allow an alternate route whilst work proceeds on fixing the old corner. I think keeping an inside line that will remain rougher combined with an outer berm. Berm doesnt need to be groomed but needs to be steep/sharp enough to maintain some decent speed to hook tyres into particularly at the exit (a rock or log border to the berm may asist with this). Quite a few of the berms on BJ's are steep on the entry(the slow speed part of the berm) and flatten through the exit (high speed).

A few other things. In regards to comments about too much speed I would encourage some rock armouring for hard braking pre corner. However excessive turns and rock anchors (particularly in flat non bermed corners) IMO frustrate the faster more technical riders (these same riders are the more passionate riders that are more likely to assist with GTA projects so I feel there interests are worthy). I think a good example of this is at the bottom of the revised shaft log drop run.

Either will be stocked to see this get fixed and keen to help Smiling

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