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GTA Jerseys

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By Lenny_GTA - Posted on 06 September 2013

I've been thinking of late about doing a run of GTA jerseys. We have done this before and the take up was good, although mick may still have a few left over.

But, this time I am thinking about a different style of jerseys. I have gone off the common style of jersey and prefer the wool jersey's, so I was thinking, what are peoples thoughts about a limited run of merino wool jerseys.

I'm looking at these and getting the GTA logo with the echidna put on somewhere.

I use their knicks and have had a few different jumpers and hoodies and while its not cheap the quality is right up there and it will outlast your usual jersey.

So let me know.

I have spoken with eleven velo and they said if we get 10 takers the price comes down 15% on the jersey, still getting a quote for getting the logo put on. Maybe we could put the discount towards trail work.

Anyway, have a look and if we can get enough interest we can do a run of custom jerseys. They will be made to order so we won't end up with a stack of extras left over.

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That kit does look high quality-it will it be their Club jersey?

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The club jersey is the cheapest of the three jerseys they do (I've actually just ordered a trail jersey and trail shorts).

If everyone agreed we could do one of the other jerseys.

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Hey there,

New to GTA, wondering if there will be a jersey order soon?

Also, what does it look like?

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count me in.

Happy donate the extra to trail work

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Once we get the club running properly there will definitely be a new jersey order with a new design.

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I'm in.

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Look forward to it.

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count me in

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yes please

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