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closure of trails

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By andos280775 - Posted on 29 July 2013

Is anyone else besides me totally digusted with the closure of these trails.?
Why is this being allowed to happen?Im feeling very emotional about this as I refuse to believe that anybody or any group has the right to do this.
This world and these tracks don't belong to anyone,we have the right to ride where ever,the state that these trails have been put into far out weigh any damage us bike riders could ever have done.
The option to be able to hit that southern side was a way of breaking up the congestion of the north side and it enabled a link up for an awesome ride,now we are just going to be ruled and regulated as we already are in so many aspects of our lives.
I am realtively new to mountain biking but it was the initial raw freedom and true adventure that caused me to love it.We don't need to be told where to ride how to ride what direction to ride,a bit of order is great but so is common sense and I see no common sense by closing these trails.
If anyone has more information on this topic please I would love to hear it,I am just so disappointed by what is going on,keep it free keep it raw keep it exciting and stop people trying to tell us what to do and how to do it,mountain biking will get very boring and pedestrian if these changes are allowed to continue.

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NPWS rules....

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About this; Here

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The GTA History page gives a little insight into where the closures came from

No one (walker or riders) supported the closures that were put i the POM, and I suspect the NPWS thought the POM would be the end of the discussion. Obviously now the closures have started, the issue has struck home for a lot of people. Will be interesting to see what angle the paper takes with the story.

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Its our land NPWS work for us Smiling

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I don't buy into that line of thought. While I don't agree with the NPWS in this instance, I also don't believe we as individuals have the right to do what we want in the park when we want. That would be a free for all. Bikes, walking, shooting/hunting, motos, where do you draw the line.

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But we all know that us aussies must be regulated at every level!!

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I get sick of hearing..its NPWS land...its not, they manage it, for us..the Australian fact we pay them to manage it through our taxes.
So yes it is our land and they do work for us.
Anything goes? ,no way..but if there is something going down that the majority of users dont like caused by the people you are employing to manage the place..for sure stand up and say something or get a new manager Eye-wink

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It's not even NPWS land anyway. They are just the land managers - the land is mostly state conservation area, with some waterboard and council lands chucked in the edges AFAIK

Ultimately part of he problem is that national parks think everything they look after is a designated national park, and their style is built around that - ie they choose exclusion over inclusion of he public most of the time. See themselves as protectors of bush lands from humans not facilitators of its management for as the public

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I wasn't aware of the long history of the GTA Lenny. That summary was great. NPWS tried to kick us out 10 years ago, but now they are happy to have us in there. Hopefully we can ride out to Elvis rock one day and they will approve. Keep up the good work.

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I think as a group of riders we seriously need to stand up against this.
I suggest a lobby of sorts.If we all band together,come together and let our interests and anger,dissapointment,disgust,let it be known.We need to get the media involved somehow.We need to be sure that these actions wont be taken ever again,not without a fight.These trails belong to the people,to us for our enjoyment in a free world where we are not regulated and able to enjoy the land on our own terms.
This cant be allowed to happen it is wrong on so many levels.
We should all go up there with a shovel in hand and dig our tracks back,but we will be the ones charged with destruction of the land but what they did is ok?
My mind boggles at how this has gone down.
What can be done?I will support any sort of protest.

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Also maybe we should contact our local state member Tim Owen & express our disgust of what is happening.

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andos280775, I can assure you the trails aren't being let go without a fight. If the trails are shut down though before we get access, that just means we start again with a blank canvass which is actually a positive.

The worst thing we could do is get up there and dig, few reasons why,

1) Illegal trails and trail construction was what started the ball rolling on the closures around 10 years ago.
2) If we start digging it sends a message that we aren't responsible and the green and walking groups will have a field day.
3) You will find yourself on the wrong side of a heft fine......more depending on what vegetation you destroy/clear.

The NPWS have the POM on their side and they are working within it. Until the POM is changed, which is a lengthy process, we have to fight to have the amendment process started. The recent press is a good thing in this regard.

The best thing at the moment is for us to bombard the Herald and local Politicians (state members as this is a state issue) with letters.

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Yes of course I understand mate,I am just very emotional about this subject as I can imagine many are.
It would be great if we can get some backing to build more trails rider focused trails like Awaba and other places,we have great land with great scenic advantage over places like Awaba and Ourimbah,Imagine the linking flowing tracks coming out over looking leggy and Dudley,the lagoon,all magic.It would be amazing the envy of the mountain biking world,while we are at it build a downhill track and hold events,dare to dream.
Now don't get me wrong I don't want to see it get commercialised but if they are willing to go to that much effort to stop us riding in there imagine what could be done if they focused there energy on being constructive?

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Mountain biking is an Olympic sport these days and is also one of the fastest growing sports in Australia!! We should be creating more fantastic tracks for our future Olympians and not have another government employee justifying their job and creating such disharmony within the community.
Imagine the out cry if Glendale running track was dug up or council swimming pools filled in!!!

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