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Shaft Boghole

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By maverick - Posted on 17 July 2013

Now that the southern zone of Glenrock is closed and the approved trails are able to be managed and maintained are there any plans to fix the mudpit at the end of shaft adjacent the treatments works fence? I'm kind of over the sewerage smelling mud and water trashing my bike. People have suggested rocks or a pallet bridge. Standing by with my trailer and wheelbarrow...

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A minor problem with that one as it's not really on the NPWS supported trail network. But with most of the work in that area finished for now it is very unlikely that the section of trail will be closed in the near future.

So, what to do? I'm not sure anyone should be messing with that stuff without a full hazmat suit!

We could maybe just 'rough' rock armour it, but that may not be acceptable to all riders.

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Anything would be better than the mess that's there now.
If we put a line of rocks along the high side of the trail and drain the low side it would be a great improvement.

If NPWS are ok with that I'll lend a hand.
Are there any rocks left over from the work on shaft?
If not we may need to get Empy along, as he has all the keys.
If we could get the power carrier would make it much easier, but perhaps that means I'm getting a bit soft.


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Up a trailwork day for the finishing of Shaft.
Now that the NPWS have done with the closure work we should be able to get to that that to be within a month.

So let's slate the bog hole for a rebuild on that day as well and I'll get some materials and the carrier organised for then.

Watch out for the build day in the meetings.

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Now that sounds like a plan.

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Crazy idea, but there are heaps of small rocks on the easement about 20m from that bog hole.. in fact the exact same sharp rocks that scare the beejeezus out of anyone descending that god forsaken straight line to oblivion! Not to mention rocks all over the site on the other side of the road as well ( plenty of digging up stuff in that area in the last few years)

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I've managed to go the NPWS on side with this and we've now had a truck load of rocks delivered to just near the site.

They are just past the corner of the fence, about 50m from the 'bog hole'.

At the moment of course the 'bog hole' is not that boggy as it's so dry and work may be a little difficult.
But the rock is there to use and any one of us can do a bit of the work whenever we have time, or just spend ten minutes there on the way past.

Anyway if it doesn't get done the rocks will be there for next time it rains.

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