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2012 Awaba 8hr (Fat Tyre)

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By philberesford - Posted on 26 November 2012

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Another awesome day of end of year fun, chatting sh!t and sledging mates at every opportunity.
Another hot race this year 34-35degs?, track was tinder dry and dusty.

Have not been up to Awaba since last years event so it was good to see the place. This was only my second event this year and only the third time on the MTB so happy with the lap times considering.

Drove up on the morning and Dicko and Brian had secured us a great spot with the rest of the Jet Racing team. Dicko was all like "disaster! Brian's sick, we're a man down". Sandbagging already, Brian rode really well and was comfortably putting in decent laps. Sick? My arse! lol

Mike kicked us off and got an ok start, getting into the single track ahead of Dicko. Dicko had a bad start and his face was like thunder when he went past us. He made up for it on track tho. His local knowledge really showed through.

Mike and Jos was putting in some quick laps and everyone was lapping in the sub 40's throughout the day - except for a very hot 3rd lap for me and a toilet stop for Jos. We were sitting in P13 all day until the final laps where we manage to get a 2 place jump to another P11 finish.

Saw a brown snake in the carpark. Never seen one so close up as that before so that was pretty cool.

Thanks to Fi and everyone at STM and HSMBA for awesome fun trails! And GAZZA for the marquee.

See you again next year.

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Well done Phil, Mike and Jos. That was pretty crazy racing in those temps.

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Phil, well done to you and the boys, dam fine result. Thanks also for the company during the day. I was already in holiday mode before we entered so really enjoyed the chilled out vibe down our end of the camp.

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