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BMORC at Awaba 8hr

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By Ian_A - Posted on 26 November 2012

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3 of us from BMORC formed a team for this years final Chocolate Foot round at Awaba. Awaba seems to draw out all the big guns and I was keen to seem them go around and ride the fun track.
We had a mixed bag in terms of experience. Stephen is the seasoned racer, I'm the apprentice racking up a few by now and Paul was the newcomer with his first mtb race only the week before.
Stephen started us off and put in a solid 38min first extended lap.
I was next up and raced away to a 35:34, passing Brian from Jet opens (he probably didn't even recognise me).
Paul headed out 3rd and put in a 38:01 and maintained 38's all day.
We were pretty consistent, keeping every lap under 39min with a few 36's thrown in there.
We were quietly sneaking up on the Jet opens boys, without them knowning it I think, but Wayne kept smashing out fast ones and making another gap for us to close up. In the end they got us by 40 seconds.
We had a good time racing. Thanks to Chocolate Foot for another awesome event and to all the vollies on the day.


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Great times and consistency Ian !

I did have a sense there was somebody over my shoulder on my last lap - so after camelbak I decided to pull my finger out and finish this damn race.

Too hot or me - not my thoughts of an enjoyable MTB race.

Pretty happy with our opens result given we had a 50 year old, 41 and 38 racing. just goes to show you can old dogs new tricks.


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Yeah, you guys are machines. Your laps were fast. 40sec is a long time in a mtb race. Time for me to start thinking about a race bike and not hauling 160mm of travel around...........

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Well done. Awesome and consistent lap times in that heat.

PS. I'm hopeless at recognizing other riders on the track.

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Happy to take those 36'ers off you anytime Ian Smiling

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Not sure they'd fit the Anthem Giles......... Maybe we could just swap bikes on race day? Put some race wheels on it for me too? Thanks.

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I think she'd look like a chopper! It'd still be heavier than yours even with some nice wheels.
Great effort BTW.

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Damn fine effort that! Well done!

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Well done and fantastic times.

Last time I was there It was taking me a little over an hour per lap although I was sliding all over the place on the wet surface. Didn't have the right tyres.

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Thanks guys.
We should have grabbed the BMORC banner to put up.

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Are photos up yet from the event?

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