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what a day :(

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By ADZA - Posted on 23 September 2012

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Re: This ride meeting: 
Awaba newbie

Ok so today drove up to Awaba to ride.. all the way from sydney....

My first hint it was going to be a bad day should have come from the fact that i was already feeling ill with a stomach bug of sorts.... but i thought hell lets push on and get up there and see how things go

anyway after cruising through the 1st 2km or so with cc rider and friend i started to keel over in pain - i took a bit of a break hoping my stomach would settle out, i had to bite the bullet and keep going (you woulda thought i would have realised something isn't right by now..)

anyway about another 500m later something was going on with the chain and pedal's - couldn't quite put my finger on it but about 2 turns later the chain let go...just whilst repairing it found that the very next link i tried to reconnect was also buckled so it wouldn't hold, had to reconnect it again - thats 4 llinks gone and to make matters worse two of the pedal teeth had been torn off (you would think by now its a good time to ride back to the carpark)

anyway now stuck with a limited gear range and having to be careful shifting... we pushed on - unfortunately to my detriment as i never realised how badly not having the right gears can affect speed and stamina as well as flow through the track Sad

now at the last fork for the blue run i decided to break off from cc and limp back to the carpark as i could feel the chain wasn't going to hold out....needless to say halfway back to the carpark - i hear the distinct sound of an outer chainlink popping off, look down at my chain and sure enough there is the kinked chain piece... and there we had another problem - no spare links - chain to short - time to walk...

so all in all a pretty good day....not

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