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Wollombi Wild Ride 75KM

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By garyinoz - Posted on 03 September 2012

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Wollombi Wild Ride 2012
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Was a late entry on this one as I haven't done much riding since the Husky and hadn't been on the dirt since then.

Plan was to find a suitably paced group and stick with them in the aim of finishing around the 3hr 30min mark.

Was a slow start and found a few riders to settle in with as we made our way to the first big climb. Along the way I felt my left calf twinge a couple of times as it bounced around a bit, got to around the 6km mark and sure enough my calf completely locked up and cramped? WTF? Got off the bike and stretched a bit, took some salt tablets and got back on the bike. Ignored the cramp and got going again and within a couple of mins it had completely gone.

For the rest of the race I pretty much found myself riding alone with only the odd rider for company as I either caught and passed or was caught and passed. Nearly came a cropper on the same bend that Brian described but managed to pull up in time. Other than that the race proved to be uneventful and I got home in under the 3hr 30min mark. The cramp stop cost me 2-3mins but that could have been worse.

All up, pretty happy with the outcome.

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Well done Gary. You did well considering you started cramping at 6km.

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