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Wollombi 75km - 2012

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By Brian - Posted on 01 September 2012

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Wollombi Wild Ride 2012
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Despite all the talk of how easy this race is, that was tough.

Lined up at the start to hear the riders briefing. No closed roads, stay left and be careful, remember there are sections that have on coming riders etc. The elites didn't go off first in a separate group and everyone just started together. The pace seemed comfortable to start with and then we hit the first hill. I walked a little bit as traction was an issue for me. I also started the race with a sore back and I was just waiting for the panadeine to kick in.

After the first climb we started to descend and then came a sharp right hander. It was loose and with my rear end sliding around I was watching the cliff get closer and closer. In a last effort to stop from going over the cliff I lost the front end and hit the ground hard. The rider behind me had the same issue was crashed as well. I dusted my self off and continued on. My right hip took most of the impact and the skin I lost was stinging like hell.

Down the fast section I took it easy and by the next climb a group of about 5 formed. We pretty much stayed together until the end of the out and back when a rider broken down was pleading for a spare tube. I stopped and gave him one out of my saddle bag and by the time I looked up the group was gone. I didn't catch them until after the last big descent.

The dirt road back was tough thinking we were just heading back. My legs cramping big time they diverted up back through the private property. Got back to the finish in 3 hours and 6 minutes.

I've never cracked the 20km/h in a race so I'm pretty happy averaging 23.6km/h. My legs are well and truly cooked.

Now let the training start for the Fling Smiling

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Good result Brian, especially with a sore back and a crash. Congratulations.

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Great work brian cracking top 10 in category.

You will be in fine form for the fling

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Nice work Brian.

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Looks like you beat Gazza can't see his name in front of yours.Well done

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Thanks. Now if I can just carry that avg speed to the Fling Smiling

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Congrats on another great ride. Sounds like it was a 3 hour sprint if there is such a thing Smiling

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Well done. I was about half way through the race and was wondering when it was going to get faster, then I got to the flat bit Smiling

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