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Cable cam extreme downhill mountain bike

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By Rob - Posted on 05 December 2007

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Give it a while, pretty dodgy to begin but gets better. Mental dog - Bruno, are you watching?! Eye-wink

pikey's picture we got to get ourselves one of them. I bet that Video took days to set up and record. Something for the future?

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That is a sexy video. How can you work when you have these images in your head?

On the video thing... we would need to get someone that could edit it properly.

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or maybe you are looking for something better? Sad

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I reckon it goes like this....

Get two bits of scaffold and some steel cable. Go to location, get couple of guys to hold up scaffold either end of potential shot. Send rider through with camera riding on wire. Job done Smiling

OK, so one needs a gyroscope to stabalise the camera and some cheap remote control kit for pan/tilt of camera as it follows rider, and a second cable to control the camera's progress down the wire.

Still doesn't sound hard? OK, in reality one needs a wireless camera mounted on main camera that the operator uses to be sure they are sill pointing at the rider.

Now really, how hard can all that be to set up? Laughing out loud

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I reckon some of it was done with an RC helicopter, you can see the shadow of the tail rotor. Also I would have expected to see some cable in the longer, wider shots, or atlest shadowing from it.

So who do we know that operates RC choppers, anyone?

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I always wanted an RC helicopter as a kid... is now the time? Well, you can get the battery operated ones for like, next to nothing now. Which is probably a good thing as I hear they are a bitch to control and you could go through a few learning! Eye-wink

Actually - this could work out well for when the pr1x in the building opposite go wild on their balcony at 3am... if you know what I'm saying! Laughing out loud

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If you want to know about RC Choppers talk to Loz

He's a member of the RC club at Oxford Falls and has a nitro RC Helicopter.

And if anything the small and cheap ones are easier to crash as they are more unstable outdoors with the wind etc.

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i know on my motor cross video's they use a chopper as they showed it slice a riders arm as it got too close! Apparently we have an expert r.c. Chopper pilot in our group with a real petrol one. That could easily lift a camera! Ill let you all guess and let the man come forward if he cares too? .. P.s. Id love one too, what a toy!

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mate. There we go, its out. lozza, any views on the matter?

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Well Loz is in Japan now so I'll fill in as best as I can.

RC Helicopters is another hobby where lots of money keeps disappearing into! Just look at some of the anodised, carbon bling in some of these photos I took for Loz a little while back.

As for lifting a camera. I'm guessing it can be done....if you trust the pilot enough with your $1000 camera hanging up 30m in the air Smiling

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dont know if this would do but has a spy cam underneath that can be bought seperatly

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On that Ebay page for the RC helicopter, the letters B U Y are highlighted in green and a bigger font.... so so suttle..

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or what

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I have seen on some of the ROAM clips that they hang a guy on a flying fox arm who operates the cam - is it a tail rotor we can see or the shadow of the arm? dunno....

As for editing, not sure who else in the mob can do this but my son is a professional freelance filmer/editor for skateboarding movies - similar kinda stuff at the end of the day. And he owes me, big...!!

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that be the one - serious stuff

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good strong tree and maybe like a hangliding rig and im sure some one would be keen
theres also another youtube video where they show the actual camera rig on the cable
and its a hefty thing that has brakes and everything on it

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id trust him with my digi vid camera. At the end of the day im sure if he's spending that much on the thing he knows what he's doing and wouldn't want to crash it ,( just like us bikers eh? .) id be interested to see what kind of footage you could get. We dont even need to be flogging it downhill. You could get some great shots of us riding high points at oxford falls or red hill, say picnic point with the ocean in the background.. Have a word buck when he gets back. Or we could hire a real one at about 600 bucks an hour! Bargain!

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theres a couple of episodes of focused on fuel tv that gets into the behind the scenes cable thing for up and coming movies, yeh i think roam was one of them, basically a big flying fox rig next to various an interesting watch, seems to take quite a bit of setup/$$ to get it right! mainly thought up cause of the gnarly nature of BC's north shore trails and being to difficult to film good shots and angles without such an apperatus..

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We all know you want to buy that chopper on e-bay. Comes with a camera, just think of the movies you could make with that

Thats a bargain

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My mate Clint, who some of you may remember, is a qualified helicopter pilot, as well as someone who builds RC helicopters. But he has not done this is a while. He has some of these rigs already. But I am not sure if they are in a working condition. He told me they break easy. I will ask him about it again.

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remote heli cameras would be a hobby in would be far too dangerous to fly it near people..   these things weight 5-7 kg and the tips of teh blades are a¥carbon fibre travelling in excess of 400-500km/h

little lelctric ones wouldnt be able to handle you breathing on it.... let alone flying outside... also it wouldnt be able to lift a can¥mera

anyway im writing this message from a freaking ipod in a shop in japan... amazing stuff!!!!


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He has a bullet proof specialized that did 11 laps at the mont! Even if on one lap the brain came off it .....

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"bullet proof specialized" Isn't that an oxymoron?

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and the only damage was a brain that fell off. Considering he did two other bikes and nearly lost a dummy on the other side of the camp ground I would classify that as almost bomb proof. Eye-wink

(C'mon lorrie, you know we're laughing WITH you)

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... surely Lorrie meant to post that as bait?! Eye-wink

Right, Lorrie?!

Sticking out tongue

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You guys bin sampling the vegetation?
Nice the imagination and of course the "catch of the day"
...and all during a work day. Too good!!

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